Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Rule of Sevens, Christmastime Edition

See the previous Rule of Sevens posts here and here, know that the lists don't always make it to seven, and be warned: High Snark Content.

I Totally Despise These Things
1. Shopping for pants. I hate shopping for anything that goes on my lower half, but mostly it's the trousers and pants that make me insane. Mostly it's because my lower half is bigger than I think it is, or ought to be, or was last year. But it's also because there exist only three pairs of pants on this whole entire planet that would fit me, and none of them are located in Northern Illinois.

2. The Illinois Secretary of State's Office. This has nothing to do with Christmas, except they are screwing us at this most wonderful time of the year. They won't give us our title because there is a discrepancy between the mileage on the previous title (Nick's Grandma to his Grandpa) and the mileage on the current title. When Grandpa got the title, he was on his way to dementia and mis-read 12,478 as 42,478. When we got the car from Grandpa at 14,500 we filled out the required mileage discrepancy form, had a police officer verify that the mileage was in fact 14,500, and sent in the form with all our other paperwork (and a check for $237). The IL Sec'y of State's Office sent us back everything except the mileage discrepancy form, and told us we couldn't have the title. Our plates expire sometime in January, and we don't have a title so we can't get our plates (despite the reassurances of Marion The Phone Lady that she's sure we'll get our plates with no problem at all).

3-5. Being poor, or "just starting out." We decided not to give anyone any presents this year, to keep our finances financed, and we felt pretty crappy about it.

6. These extra 10 pounds that just sit here, mocking me.

7. Stupid, self-centered relatives.

I Am Decidedly Enamored Of These Things
1. Being home for the holidays.

2. Seeing or talking to friends over the holidays. Wooohoo!

3-5. Generous relatives.

6. My husband. He listened to me bitch about a headache one day last week and gave me what I wanted -- a refrigeratable gel eye mask. Even though we weren't giving each other presents.

7. My very clean apartment, awaiting Femiknitter's visit -- less than 12 hours away! Yippee!


SheCrochets said...

About your last post. 1) Jaeger bombs are the... bomb? Whatever. I love 'em. 2) Shopping for anything pants-like is pure torture. Makes me wish I was Laura Ingalls and wearing nice, non-hip-squeezing prairie dresses.

This post: Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

KathyMarie said...

Oh my god, I know what you mean about the prairie dresses. I just watched the movie "Much Ado About Nothing" (the K. Branagh version) and fell in love with the ladies' costumes. I actually started looking for skirt patterns like those, so I could make them myself.

Because pants are sucky.

one not so self centered cousin said...

HA HA HA "self-centered relatives"