Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time for a Seven and Seven

The rule of sevens. Invoked when I can't think of anything better to do.

Seven Things That Sucked About Today
1-4. Work
5. CornFest moving into town (last year's observations here)
6. College kids moving into town
7. Heartburn (caused by the medication for the Rash of Doom, which has subsided so I stopped taking the medication yesterday. And yet.)

Seven Things That Brightened Up Today
1. Yarn arrivals (see below)
2. Wee lads visiting (and mom Heather, too)
3. Calling Beloved at work and, when asked who is calling, saying "this is his wife"
4. Waking up early enough to have breakfast
5. My brother-in-law has a new blog
6. The weather is pleasant and conducive to knitting
7. I taught a co-worker how to knit while on our breaks

Sock yarn from Fearless Fibers (550 yds of sock yarn. For $14.50, people. And I suspect she has a catapult for use in shipping, because the yarn got here faster than a greased pig, as my granny would say. I would say, "faster than the post office at its usual glacial pace") in the Kildare colorway. I will knit it into happy socks (cables?) in the drears of February.

Recycled rayon from The Wool Peddler. The tricksy part is, it looks just like silk, but it's cheaper! And often the yardage is better! (Give me a break, I have to celebrate the vegan aspects of my life where I can.)

This will be throw pillows for the couch. The Beloved isn't crazy about the color 'splosion, but I am, and I'm the knitter. So therefore I get to have them and he must deal with it. I stick my tongue out to anyone who disagrees.

My latest KnitPicks haul. Two skanks of the Bare sockweight superwash/nylon -- for to begin my dyeing project soon. (I have a specific colorway in mind, but have no idea how to carry it out. I must consult the oracles.) ... two skanks of Essential in Burgundy for (possibly) the Baudelaire socks, because they call to me so ... assorted sock-size KnitPicks dpns, in all their pointy glory.

And now it's time for a cold one. Tragically, we have neither "Seven" necessary for tonight's theme drink. I'll have to make do with silver rum and pineapple juice. Darnit.

Quick blog-reader survey: what is your favorite summer drinky drink? Post answers in comments, s'il vous plait. Merci!


margaret said...

one thing you can do when you can't think of anything else to do is call me on the telephone, you silly goose.

favorite summer drinky drinks:

caipirinha - new drink wade's mom introduced us too, with this sweet alcohol called cachaca (kind of like rum) mixed with crushed limes and sugar.

vodka tonic with lime

seven and seven (which goes with your theme!)

those are a few. i'm not an alcoholic.

Renee said...

I love Smirnoff Ice in the summer. It's quick and easy. I also have a great recipe for making your own pineapple vodka which is absolutely DELICIOUS mixed with just about anything (e-mail if you want it

I also love that sock yarn and I think it would look lovely in cables. It'd make a nice poma-whatever sock (the one from knitty a couple months ago).

Alison said...

In the summer, I'm all about margaritas and summer beers (Sam Summer, Harpoon Summer, etc).

Gorgeous yarn!

Shanelle said...

Hi. I'm readin' yer blog now. :-) I'm almost always a beer drinker, but I won't turn down an icy-cold raspberry vodka and Sprite in the summer. In my memory, Florida nights smell like citronella and taste like raspberry Sprite.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the mojito, but I prefer it with gin instead of rum. I suppose that makes it a gin fizz or something like that. I'm also partial to a gin gimlet (CLEARLY a gin drinker).

Quick question for you (and I really mean it only as a question--it's on no way an attack or anything!): I see that you're a vegan from your blog. Some of my vegan knitter friends don't use any animal fibers, such as silk, wool, etc. I'm wondering where you stand on the use of animal fibers and why you choose/choose not to use them (or some of them). How/why might this be different than ingesting animal products? I'm truly interested--not accusing or anything like that! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Any time of the year my favorite drinky drink will always be a good red wine, preferably a cabernet, although pinot noir is always lovely.

My favorite mixed drink is a Midori Sour. Yum!

I hear Mint Juleps are nice...