Monday, February 12, 2007

Officially a Sock Knitter

I have completed my Koigu Sherbet-Berry-Sunset socks.

I couldn't be prouder. Or more addicted.

Pattern: None, just Wendy's Generic Toe-Up sock pattern over 60 stitches. Short-row toe, short-row heel. I added a 2x2 rib for a change (and also because I seem to be held in the thrall of 2x2 rib) at the leg.
Yarn: 2 balls Koigu KPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPM, in a colorway whose number is lost to the mists of time. I almost snarked up a storm when I found knots and ravelings in one skank, but gracefully moved on without a murmur. Yes.
Needles: KnitPicks dpn 2.5mm (they're calling it a US size 1). They are pointy and perfect.
Time spent: Begun December 2nd, 2006 and finished February 3rd, 2007. (Except I haven't woven in the ends at the toes yet. I don't know why.) I started these right after I learned that my grandma had died, and knit on them during the visitation. It was nice to be able to focus on something else.
What I learned: Short-row toe, short-row heel, provisional cast-on, patience.
Thoughts: I completely love sock knitting. I love the wee bitty needles and the wee bitty stitches and I adore the way they fit and feel. Does everyone know about sock knitting? Should I be running up and down the street shouting about the benefits of handknit socks? Maybe not?
Bonus: Hey, this yarn has been in my stash since May of last year, so not only am I knitting from my stash (yes!), but that means that I can buy more sock yarn because I just knit a pair of socks! Or did I say I had to knit two pairs of socks? Dammit, it's two pairs. Screw it, I want to buy some sock yarn!

Edit: I forgot to write down what I did for the bind-off. I normally bind off very loosely and don't tend to have problems with final products (and here I speak as though I have a lot of those) being too tight in that respect. However. I tried binding off in my normal way, very loosely, because I wasn't sure how to do the sewn bind off (I have never kitchenered, for those who might tell me it's just like kitchenering). Didn't work -- it was too tight. When did I realize this? After the entire first cuff was bound off, of course. After many tinkings (very frustrating when I wanted to WEAR THE SOCKS IMMEDIATELY and be done), I discovered the perfect bind-off that does not involve sewing: work 1 rnd in pattern in same needles (2.5mm in my case) very loosely, then work bind-off rnd using a needle 2 sizes larger (3.25mm in my case), also very loosely. Put your socks on and dance around your abode.

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femiknitter said...

Congrats on finishing them! They look wonderful, and I really like the bright and sunny colors. A nice remedy to the bleak midwestern winter! Doesn't it feel like SUCH an accomplishment to finish your first pair?! Yeah for you!

Becky ... the honorary Keyes said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! i love the finished product :) sooo... since i adore them oh so much a request is being put in for some kathy time... either teach me the art of making amazing socks AND potatoe bread or just make me some :) haha i love you and your AMAZING!

Knittinreed said...

WooHoo! Good for you! They look great. said...

Great Job! I love knitting socks too. Once I got started I wanted more and more. Now I always have a pair of socks on the needles as my "side" knitting.

I have found that I have to really examine the yarn well for knots, I hate to have a knot like at the bottom of the feet. I'm sure I will feel it with every step. You would think such and expensive yarn like Koigu would not have knots but it does happen.

Happy Knitting,

Heather said...

Heh. I told you socks rock. Good to see you've finally come over to the dark side. ;-)

They look good, too!