Sunday, January 21, 2007

What A Heel

You know those secret socks I've not been telling you about, and which are nowhere to be found in the "current projects" part of the sidebar?

I'm still working on them.

First pair of socks worked together, first toe-up socks, first provisional cast-on, first short-row heel (short-rows made much easier with Wendy's new Very Detailed Toe-Up Pattern (.pdf), because I am new to such things), first use of Koigu. I'm a bit pleased with myself.

But this Koigu is kind of pissing me off.

In one skein (and only one, thank goodness) I have found two knots (so far), and five places where the plies are uneven or look like they've been ravelled somehow. I've cut the knots out and spit-spliced, and it's okay, but I'm kind of feeling snarky about this one skein of Koigu. Has anyone else had trouble with inconsistencies in this yarn? I mean, I love it and it's beautiful, and it was a gift from Heather lo these many months ago, and it means a lot to me because of that -- but I'm really not fond of knots in any yarn, and particularly in sock yarn.

And I am a heel, because I forgot to mention my sister's birthday here yesterday. (Not that I forgot it entirely -- Nick and I took her out for dinner on Friday, and we gave her a card and I promised her still more knitted gifts that will take donkey's years to fulfill. Such is life.) Anyhow, she is now 24 years old, which boggles my mind a lot, and she just got back from Italy (well, about two weeks ago) so go look at her pictures and read the tales she has to tell. They boggle my mind, too.

Happy Birthday, Laura!


Penny said...

i've noticed the same thing with my first skein of koigu. it was quite $$ i don't mind some artisan (fill in word i'm blanking on here) but this isn't quite what i had mind as acceptable.

femiknitter said...

I haven't used my Koigu yet, so I can't tell you. I agree with Penny, though. The yarn is expensive, and it's not a small one-woman indie company. They shouldn't have that many knots. Knots aside, though, your socks look great! It looks like you and I might *actually* finish a pair of socks soon! And Happy Belated Laura! And GO BEARS!

femiknitter said...

That should say Happy Belated BIRTHDAY Laura!