Friday, May 12, 2006

Singing the Praises of Housewares

My sixteen-year-old self would hate my current self.

Maybe "hate" is too strong. Young Me would definitely look askance at Current Me. She'd probably point and laugh as well. And possibly poke fun.

For I now spend much of my time thinking about housewares and how much I love them.

This is my new wok. I love it, almost to the point of illegality. Should a woman love her cookware this much? My sixteen-year-old self says Absolutely Not You Insane Freak, Now Get Out There And Party Like A Rockstar. My current self says Are You Nuts? It's Calphalon, Fool! (But You're Right, I Should Party Like A Rockstar.)

At the shower last Saturday I (we) received lots of amazing goodies, including a pretty bamboo cutting board, kitchen towels, and a ceramic spoonrest (!!!!). Couldn't you just die! (There is no sarcasm here--because I really do love my new housewares--only self-mocking. I accept that I have a love for housewares, but I refuse to let myself get away with it.) (It's a subtle game I play.)

And we got these as well (Nick has already made them do headlocks and stuff):

Little Bride and Groom bears. They are sitting like that on our couch, holding hands. I'm going to die of schmaltzy cuteness, but in a good way (or maybe not a good way?). Oh, and see that fuzzy glowy halo around Ms Bride's feet? That's the wine residue on (or inside?) the lens. Just pretend like it's not there, mmkay? Thanks.

But this stuff... it's amazing.

It's Koigu sock yarn. In Very Kathy Colors, according to the Heather who gave me this treasure, and also a pattern called "Kathy's Socks." I love it. I love it. And I love that her boys made me cards with pictures of me knitting on them (completely their idea, I was told). Eldest Boy drew me knitting a scarf, and Youngest Boy drew me knitting a sock (something I've never done, but which he's seen his Mom-mom do many times). I love it. Love!

Does sock yarn count as housewares?

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Heather said...

Hell yes, sock yarn counts as housewares. Duh.

And y'know, I am so right there with you on the loving the housewares stuff...I've named several of my appliances, because they are my friends & I love them so. Heh. My Kitchen-Aid mixer & my crockpot, man, I don't know what I'd do without them!

I'm glad you like yer sock looks really nice on Ziggy. ;) The boys were deeply proud of the cards they made, too.