Thursday, January 18, 2007

My-graine, Mee-graine

It's all the same stabby pain. It's like I've got a whole set of metal size 0 double-pointed needles stuck behind my right eye. But without the fun yarn possibilities.

My family is prone to migraines (except the middle sister and my mother, curse them) and I got my first migraine at the tender age of one year, and pretty regularly throughout my (almost) 27 years. Thanks go to my Dad, who realized that I was having a migraine before I could say "Dear god, why does it hurt so freaking much!!!" in actual words. Dad gets migraines too, and my sisters and I grew up knowing that "Your father has a headache" means "Shut up and don't make noise" or "Go outside, preferably to your Grandma's house" or "We're all going on a car trip to let Dad sleep." Happily, Dad got his headaches mostly under control by the time I was 12 years old, and has been a lot more involved ever since.

Today I got a migraine at work and tried to deal with it by taking the sort-of-effective painkillers I have here, and by putting on sunglasses. That threw off my co-workers a lot, but it makes the little kids at the library look all bug-eyed and giggle when I make faces at them. What cracks me up about this migraine is that it's making my language skills go completely to hell. I can't think of simple words (more than usual, I mean) and my typing is damned funny. Really, if there was no backspace key (which apparently I think is spelled "qackspage") this post would be ... something. Something I just can't think of.

I don't know what to blame this one on. I have some food allergies, but I ... wait, I ate some peanuts last night. Huh. Okay, maybe I do know what to blame this headache on. Or it's the fact that the vision in my right eye is getting worse. Or it's the weather. Or it's my ghastly hormones (what with the period and all). Or it's divine retribution for not posting any knitting content here in such a long time.


wanda said...

I hate the not-being-able-to-speak thing. First time it happened to me they thought I was having a stroke. I kept trying to say write and kept saying winter, or something like that. I also, coincidentally, had pinched a nerve in my arm, so my hand was numb. The not-being-able-to-speak thing is a little freaky--Hope you feel better and get lots of sleep.

femiknitter said...

Oh man, I hate those migranes. I don't get much of the "can't speak" thing (only occasionally), but my vision gets terrible--I mean bad, and I lose all hand-eye coordination. I feel for you. Hope you feel better soon.

Lyndanna said...

I completely understand how you feel. I get the speech leaving thing, the light sensitivity. I don't get nausea unless I have let it go much to long. I hope you are feeling better.