Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Hapy New Year, everyone! I'm a bit late in saying that, but yesterday saw me in Michigan visiting a bunch of sweet people, then participating in a 4.5 hour drive home.

I did think about New Year's resolutions -- something I don't usually do because I think I set myself up for failure and disappointment if I don't accomplish said resolutions. This year I realized that if I don't give myself goals, I definitely don't reach them, so why the heck not? Why not, indeed. So here are a few off my list:

Physical activity is no longer optional.

Figure out (then TAKE) the next step, career-wise.


Challenge myself, knit-wise.

Seriouly, knit more.

Take control of the stash.

I took a mental inventory the other day and am horrified at (or idiotically proud of) myself.
  • I have my sock yarn stashed on top of bookshelves in the part of our living room where lives my cozy knitting chair,
  • I have yarn stashed between the knitting chair and the wall,
  • I have yarn stashed under the end table next to my knitting spot on the couch,
  • I have yarn stashed under the bed in a plastic box that threatens to burst open,
  • I have yarn stashed in a 4-drawer dresser unit in the computer room,
  • I have yarn stashed ON TOP OF the 4-drawer dresser unit in baskets,
  • I have yarn stashed in giant plastic bags SURROUNDING the 4-drawer dresser unit,
  • I have yarn stashed under my desk at work -- AT WORK, PEOPLE!
  • And I have yarn stashed on the third floor of the library (again, MY PLACE OF WORK) which I call my "teaching stash" for when I next teach crochet or knitting classes. I have no plans as yet to teach crochet or knitting classes.
And I realize that this may be nothing to those master hoarders (you know who you are) who use yarn in place of fiberglass insulation to reduce their winter heating costs, but it's a lot of yarn for me, and A LOT of yarn for this tiny two-bedroom apartment. And certainly A LOT for my place of work. Plus, it's rather stupid of me to continue purchasing yarn when that money could go toward debt repayment or saving for a house or other responsible-adult-type things.

After realizing this for myself, I decided to join in on this little thing that you may have heard of.

(Evidence of long hours learning to use The Gimp, culminating in this, my first sucess at making a button! Feel free to snag it, but please save it to your own server. Because that's what nice bloggers do.)

I've stolen from Wendy, raided Rabbitch, and come up with my own rules for this game:

1. This game starts on January 1st (which means my yarn purchases from Femiknitter's visit snuck in just under the radar) and runs through September.

2. I get a bye for Stitches Midwest in August (what? Like I'm going to give that up), but will impose a monetary limit on my purchases.

3. I can buy sock yarn, but only after actually completing 2 pairs of socks.

4. Gifts of yarn are not my fault and are entirely acceptable.

5. The "I've run out of yarn for this specific project and must finish it" excuse is entirely acceptable.

6. I can succumb to the temptation of sexy sexy yarn ONCE AND ONLY ONCE outside of the other exceptions, so it better be well worth it.

I don't think this will be hard. At the rate I'm knitting, I won't even make a dent in the stash (which currently holds enough yarn to make (roughly) 5 shawls, 4 sleeveless tops, 3 me-sized sweaters, 2 baby-sized sweaters, 16 pairs of socks, 4 large crocheted afghans, 1 pair of mittens, 1 Christmas tree skirt, and assorted scarves, hats, and random randomness). I think I'll be okay.

2007 in going to rock!


Jolene Rau said...

Just joined the Midwest Knitters ring and am making my rounds reading the blogs, love yours! Not sure I can commit the 07 Stash rules but will do my best.

Alison said...

Happy New Year!

That is a lot of yarn. Wow. I have managed to contain mine pretty well, especially now that I am good at buying yarn for particular projects. That really helps. It's just the leftover bits that are bugging me now, but I have a couple of cozies to make so that will eat up a little bit of it. I just can't bear to throw it away if there's a decent amount left . . .

Lisa said...

I'm actually thinking knitting from my stash would be a good idea. I have more silk than I know what to do with and there's that silver alpaca...I have enough of it to do two paires of thigh-high stockings. The only problem is most of my stash is the acrylic stuff. Now, I try to reserve that for people who simply can't wear wool, like my sister-in-law, or who have little ones that prevents the ability to hand wash anything, like my sister-in-law. There are other things to do with it. In truth, I'm attempting to get the finances in order and to start refocusing on my other art, so this sounds like something that's right up my alley.

Anonymous said...

I'd join you if I had a stash to speak of.