Thursday, January 04, 2007


For the last forty-five minutes I've been tooling around on my blog, adding new bits to the sidebar, cleaning it up, and trying to find a way to say what I was thinking.

Part of the problem was that I couldn't figure it out until just now -- I'm content. Things are going pretty well in my life, and I'm pleased with it. Oh, there are definite ways to improve it, and I do want to pursue a forward path, but I am not uneasy where I am.

This isn't my usual state -- I've always been thinking of what comes next, what's better than this and how do I get there, let's pretend I'm 7 instead of 5 (I actually said this to my Mom once). Always moving ahead of myself, or feeling stuck and unhappy where I was. Not now, though.


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margaret! said...

i'm glad for you. that is not an easy place to find!

p.s. i was thinking of trying to make running a half-marathon (or maybe just a quarter-marathon) a goal for myself in the next 6 months (or so). seeing as "becoming a runner again" is one of your selftacular goals for 2007, do you think maybe we could work on the running goal together? maybe check in with each other or something? any thoughts on that?