Monday, January 15, 2007

Really, I Cannot Be Trusted

It's been a while since my last post, and I'll tell you why. It's been a while because last week was highly annoying and I couldn't adequately put my mind to wearing matching socks, much less turning out a semi-coherent (or even quasi-coherent ... does that mean the same thing?) post.

Work was more demanding of my brain than usual, I forgot appointments, and I double-booked myself for the weekend which was painful beyond belief (Heather? I'm still sorry). It was like my brain just evaporated and my body was left to deal with everything.

And on Wednesday I dumped a 10 oz. glass of water into my knitting bag.

Of course I immediately turned into a swearing tornado of crazy and flung the contents about the room. And then I got the camera. What? Like you wouldn't.

As it turns out, my past self was extraordinarily cautious and smart, and kept most of the wool and alpaca in plastic bags, and the patterns in plastic sheet protectors. I was one smart cookie, once upon a time. The only casualty was my notebook -- just a cardboard cover, spiral bound thingy -- which got some water damage on the bottom, but the notes are all safe. So that was exciting.

I have more to talk about (actual knitting pictures! of more than one project!), but it'll have to be later because my brain still has not solidified enough to be called "present." I think I'm getting my period soon. Neat!

And if you click here, you'll understand why being busy elsewhere on Sunday was tough.


SheCrochets said...

I live in fear of dumping chai into my knitting bag because a) I drink chai while I knit and b) I am not smart and none of my yarn or patterns are plastic protected. So one day, when you hear the howl of rage and panic from Michigan, you'll know why. :-)

Though I probably would have whimpered pathetically over the water.

Anonymous said...

I'm always worried the kids will dump a "surprise" in my knitting bag. So far, so good. The Bears game was freakin' awesome!

femiknitter said...

Yeah to past Kathy for being so organized! As for presesnt Kathy, well, we're not sure what to do with her.

Seriously, though, that's a fear of mine, too. What if I spill tea on some of my yarn? Do I have to spill tea over all of it then to make it a uniform color?? Bad news all around. Glad your stuff was (largely) safe!