Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's amazing what you can find under your bed

Being the annoyingly organized (about some things) person that I am, I've started to make an inventory of my yarn and needles. Seriously. I made a spreadsheet and everything. (Stop laughing.)

(yarn waiting to be assessed, categorized, and digitized.)

This effort may be seen by some as pure folly, or a waste of time, or just absolutely batshit crazy. Whatever. I prefer to see it as an effort to gain control over my stash (god, who keeps laughing?) and keep myself (a) focused on the projects for which I purchased the yarn in the first place, and (b) aware of how much yarn I actually own.

Just how much yarn do I own?

Well, for starters, I own 4 miles (7744.6 yards) of sock yarn. Not as much as some, maybe, but it definitely is cause for action Chez HookOn.

And I'm really not sure how much I own of the rest of the yarn (haven't gotten everything entered yet) but it astonishes me how much I've forgotten. When Femiknitter was visiting she asked to see my stash, and I pulled everything out. Everything (except the Red Heart) was a lot. I kept remembering little places in my apartment where I've randomly shoved yarn away, and I really surprised myself with what I found ("Huh, I've got 8 balls of a discontinued Patons superwash merino! I wonder where those came from.").

To sum up: the yarn/needle (oh god, the needles) inventory is a good way to make sure I shop for yarn only in my stash, and is a lovely time- and money-saving device. Lovely.


OneScrappyChick said...

As i have my own OCD tendencies.. I was not the one laughing (most convincing face ever)... but HOLY CRAP! I have stash envy. I am one of those people who only buys yarn they have an idea what to make with.. because I have some baby yarn I bought when I first started knitting.. (cuz it was so cute!).. and haven't ever used yet.

ActLikeOne said...

I do not think it's funny that you put your information into a spreadsheet. It makes perfect sense to me. --The Library School Sister

femiknitter said...

I'm with you too. I just reorganized my stash a few weeks ago, and I was amazed by the yarn I have in there. I've been meaning to make a log of everything I have, I just need to find some time to do so! All in all, you're in good--and well organized--company.

Lisa said...

Hey, as one person seeking to become more organized in the new year, I say brava to the spreadsheet!

KathyMarie said...

Most of the yarn that I bought was given some sort of project-purpose (although sometimes that was pure justification... "I'll make a stunning lace shawl from this alpaca/silk! Right after I learn to knit lace!").

Part of my problem, though, is that I was given acres of yarn when I started teaching crochet & knit classes, and I'm having to sort through and categorize that.

It's such a hard life. :)

Lisa said...

We can all tell how much it just KILLS you to have to DEAL with all that YARN. It's HORRIBLE.