Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Finishing a finished object, again

Perhaps you remember my Olympic Hat? It was my first project in-the-round, my first shot at dpns (I'm still not sure if I love them or hate them... it's a fine line), my first picked-up hem, and my first bout of I-cord. It was many things for me. It was also too big.

It being my first hat, I had no idea how to size it. I measured my head and got ... um, whatever measurement I got. 20 inches? I have no idea now. But I do remember that I thought "X inches, eh? Well then, the hat I am about to make must be precisely X inches itself!! I am a knitting genius! Well done, me!"

Perhaps you know what happens when you knit a hat precisely the same size as your head. It just sits there on your noggin all loosely, not grabbing, not keeping out the whistling winds of winter. My ears got cold when I wore this hat. Not very much fun.

So I decided to knit a cuff to my hat. A ribbed cuff, because as I said, I have this huge problem doing any knitting that does not involve ribbing. Thank the gods I had one ball of the yarn left over.

I started with picking up and knitting the stitches on the edge of the original hem.

*A-hem!* (hoo boy am I ever funny!) This is where I learned how to pick up stitches (don't judge -- we all learn at different speeds).

This is the cuff, about 1/3 the way through. Maybe. I can't be sure. But the ribbing -- the ribbing! It sang to me as I knit it! It looks fabulious (Hey Femiknitter!) and I love it with my whole heart.

This is the cuff, finished and bound off. (And it is also an example of me forgetting to rotate the image clock-wise. Multi-tasking!!!) I wasn't sure if I wanted to attach the end of the cuff to the inside of the hat, and in the end I decided not to attach it. Partly because I thought non-attachment would improve the fit, but mostly because I couldn't figure out a lazy way to do it.

My noggin, as encased in the hat. See the grabbiness? See?

Now you can see the grabbiness. See it grip my forehead in a firm but snuggly way. See also how I need some sleep.

And this, my friends, is the final chapter in The Making Of The Olympic Hat. It is now finished for real and is the first hat I reach for in the morning when I walk to work.

The whistling winds will just have to find someone else's ears to freeze.


Mindy said...

Fabulous solution and it looks great!

femiknitter said...

I agree-it looks great! Bravo to you for fixing your hat and using the word grabbiness! I would have just put it in the back of the closet and pretended it didn't exist. It is, indeed, fabulious.

Renee said...

Good job. Grabbiness is good. And you look divine dahhh-ling.