Saturday, February 25, 2006

Holy Crap, People, I'm Finished!

I didn't think it could happen either. But I am finished. I finished Friday night at 11:30pm, much to my surprise (and the surprise of the hat itself, which had visions of non-cooperativeness). My brain is empty so I give you the photo history:

This is the hat on Wednesday, before my all-night knitfest.

This is the hat Friday at about 5:30pm, just after I got home from work. Just before the decreases start. Clearly I have at this point surpassed all my expectations.

Tonight's knitting brought to you by Road Dog beer. Knitter-tested, knitter-approved.

Here we are after all the decreases (the dpns and I got tangled many times... I did not care to document that experience) and about to start the I-cord.

...Aaaaand the I-cord! It was an 8-stitch I-cord and had more of a flattened look than a tubular look. Ask me how much I cared at that point, at which time I realized that I would in fact FINISH this insane project before time.

Cannot. Stop. Knitting. I-cord. Partly because I was really into it (eight stitches per row? that's easy!)(I made Nick and our friend Ryan admire the speed and agility of the I-cord many times) and partly because I didn't know how to end it off.

The finished hat! All those other beers? Only some are mine!

The hat in its natural habitat: my head.

Hooray! I loves it! Do you see the topknot? I cannot tell you how much I love this little topknot! It's perfect. It's not perfect, but it's done and I made it and I'm busting my damn buttons with goofy-ass pride over here. And it's almost 3:30 in the morning and that last sentence quite possibly made no sense. And now I've forgotten how to spell "sentance/sentence" and will no doubt be mocked by those who have not forgotten. Be gentle, dear readers. You're lucky I'm still using the space bar at this point.

(Super-big thank you to SheCrochets, Lisa, Anna, Heather, and Abby for cheering me on. THANK YOU!)


Heather said...

Yeah!!! I knew you could do it! And now, you have the next two days to languish in your superior knitting skills, and read all the other blogs belonging to folks who are still where you were two days ago. Fully realizing you no longer have to sweat it is half the fun. The other half is casting on seven or eight new projects, simply because they're different, and you can. Rock!

Heather said...

Btw, my word verification thingy was rmfiz this time...I think it's a sign that you should have a rum & coke to celebrate. So says I.

Of course, this time it's fjmrdhux, which might possibly mean that you should watch the Cosby show in Norway, but I could be wrong about that.

abby said...

sometimes, the icord is of the deveeel. sometimes, you just cant stop. i have several hats where i just.couldn't.stop!! and everyone needs cheering, especially tremendously funny, witty people! go you!!!

Coni/Mom said...

Yeah Kathy. I knew you could do it - and do it well. It looks great! Go Kathy!

Alison said...

Whoo! Awesome job. I dig the i-cord, too. :)

Anna said...

Very cool! The Dekalb Team has officially crossed the finish line. Yeah for us!!

Lisa said...

Much congrats!

Hey, look, after completing a project for the knitting olympics, you can spell sentance/sentence/sinteence/cintense any way you damn well please! Rock on!

SheCrochets said...

Holy finished hat, Batman! It looks awesome!! Good for you for finishing it... and while drinking beer at the same time! Very inspiring to all of us beginning knitters and drinkers (That sounds like I am a beginning drinker, too! Oh well, you know what I mean!)!