Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Zombieween!

Well, because it seems that yesterday's post full of pictures was unpopular, I give you now...

... a post full of pictures.

Whatever. It's my blog and I'll post pictures of zombies if I want to.

Here ZombieSailor is, inexplicably, blow-drying brains. (Everyone knows that juicy brains are best)

I (ZombieDoctor, because it's what I had lying around the house) did my own makeup, while Nick (ZombieShaolinMonk) got his makeup done by our host, who has taken actual classes and has learnt how to correctly apply stage makeup.

Our host.

Some of our host's handiwork (note the matching throwing star wounds, compliments of ZombieNinja, who was also at the party):

We also saw ZombieJesus there, sporting a pair of wicked stigmata...

King of the Jews and the King of Rock'n'Roll in one place. Where else but Zombieween?

Our host and hostess. Zombies in love.

There are more pictures and many video clips which some might find highly offensive, so I'll be sure to post those soon.

I promise a return to knitting content later this week, mostly because my youngest sister called me tonight and asked how her scarf was coming along because it's getting cold out there and she would like to have it before winter, please. No pressure, though.


Mindy said...

What fabulous costumes!

Erica B. said...

great costumes... the make is awesome!

marGREAT said...

you are my twin. wade and i dressed up as zombie 70s porn stars for halloween (not because it was a zombie party, but because we needed a new twist on an old costume). and i swear to the lord above (or whomever) that you and i did our make-up the EXACT same way, complete with a cut on the cheek and gray eyes and all! it must be our hammerslut sisterhood shining through. it must be.

you rule. you guys look awesome.

femiknitter said...
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femiknitter said...

Awesome costumes! Next year you could go as a zombie knitter with knitting needles coming out of your head, and you could attack people with crappy acrylic yarn or something. Anything "zombified" is just pure genius.