Friday, January 13, 2006

Snrain-drops keep falling on my head

Mother Nature has a messed-up sense of humor. Yesterday it was beautiful... sunny, warm (darn close to 50 degrees, according to "they say"), did I mention sunny? It's been gloomy for days and days here, and yesterday was such a nice break from the dreary mucky muck. So nice. Of course it wasn't going to last.

Today the weather is bastardous. It is either snowing or raining, or possibly both. First it was rain, then it was snow, then it was snrain (a more descriptive word, I feel, than "sleet"), and now it's snow. Bastard weather!

Ah well. This just makes me appreciate these pictures from yesterday more. Because yesterday's light was lovely and made for some great shots of new knitting. [interruption for bastardous weather update: it's either raining again or snowing with more aggression.]

(This picture not taken in the pretty light. This picture is old and is used only to advance the story. Click to bigginate)

This is what I bought 3 months ago (or more) for to make the wristies/fingerless mitts. The yarn is Knit Picks' yummy Sock Garden in Zinnia, the pattern is free from their site and is a 2-needle pattern (happily, because I haven't even tried dpns or circulars). I procrastinated (as is my nature) on starting these, using my lack of size-3 straight needles as an excuse. Then for Christmas, my wonderful mother [who is being an absolute treasure about this whole wedding deal, by the way... very helpful but at the same time being very hands-off] gave me a whack of straight needles (Clover bamboo ones!) in sizes 0 - 4. Because she loves me and understands the crafty nature (she quilts. Sews too, but only under duress). [Bastardous weather update: snowing fluffy flakes again, like it's all innocent and sweet. Liar!]

(My work basket next to the couch! I love it! Love it! Again, click to bigginate)

Here is the first wristie in its infancy, perched atop the Lloyd Scarf (don't ask, it's getting finished today, dammit!).

Here is the wristie just before beginning to shape the thumb gusset, now perched atop Ziggy, my finger plant. My (mom's) camera is just tempermental enough to get the plant in focus, but not the knitting. Of course. But the red/orange/yellow wristie looks so nice against the green, so I'll let it slide.

And now the snrain is coming in sideways. Off to finish the Lloyd Scarf and do mad amounts of housework. Or not.

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Julie said...

I love your yarn for the wristletts! Reds- love them. Your weather crappy too? I live in Maine and there is NO SNOW on the ground!!! Unheard of for here. We usually have 4 feet by now. Rain and sleet and ice are what we have been getting. I hope your weather gets better, but I think we're getting the same cycles.