Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can't take me anywhere

Today was a rough day at work. We'd been closed for three days, which apparently makes the library patrons go COMPLETELY INSANE. Everyone needed their library fix, and they needed it all at the same time. And some of them were rude about it, too.

All day we were backed up with phone calls not being made, books not being shelved, books not being picked off the shelves for other libraries. I don't work up at the desk very much anymore, but I got called to help out 3 times tonight.

I'm running around, shelving DVDs, cursing a staff person for their lack of effort, cursing patrons in my head for their rude and snarky ways ("I have to read a book that's about the pre-civil war time, but I don't want to read the book. I want the audiobook or the ClifNotes.") and then the night was over and I came home and I got to relax and I was thinking about getting a glass of wine and I was getting into my pajamas when I noticed something.

My fly was open and had been since about 6:30pm.

Where's the merlot?


SheCrochets said...

D'oh! Just think, maybe you brought a smile to one of those snarky customers, even if it accidental... :-)

Anna said...

People freakin' suck!

Laura said...

I really don't like the students who try to slide through their reading assignment by checking out the Cliffsnotes rather than the original text.