Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's Not Cool

I woke up this morning at 6:45, all set to do some yoga and shower before work (see goals over in the sidebar. Showering daily isn't listed as a goal, but it's something I continue to strive for). I walked from the bedroom into the hallway and was about knocked over by the heat. Yes, the HEAT. It is probably 80 degrees in the living room. The thermostat is set at 62. What the crap is going on?

Whatever it is, it's preventing me from doing yoga (I got a little woozy just being in that room, and the other television set/DVD player is in the bedroom, where my beloved now reposes) and it's not cool. So, because I cannot go back to sleep once I wake up and have something on my mind, I give you New Year's Eve Pictures, which are cool.

(Matt & Wade. There exists no picture of them together in which they are smiling. It's impossible. For they are Too Cool For School.)

(Margaret & Wade. She makes him smile. She makes everyone smile.)

(Margaret, Amy, me, Stacey. Margaret lives in Florida and Stacey lives in Alaska now, so it was Cooler Than Cool to have us all together.)

(Wade, me, Bottle of Wine, Margaret. Funny... he drank the whole thing and I'm the one who looks well and truly sloshed.)

(Nick and Margaret. Yay!)

(Stacey provided cuteness by falling asleep on the chair)

(Mark provided cuteness with this face)

(Margaret provided cuteness by managing to look surprised and sneaky at the same time while hugging me.)

(Margaret [not Amy!]--with the hair flip!--and Jason rocking out. Rock!)

(Me and Nick. It seems he finds my hair funny.)

It was a fantastic New Year's Eve. Much fun was had by all. Much beer and/or Wild Turkey was had by most. I can't wait for the weddings.

And now it's time to shower and work. And to figure out why I have "Big Country" in my head.

Edit: Thanks to Margaret for correcting me on the persons depicted in the dancing picture. I'm a bastard.

1 comment:

margaret said...

yo kathtastic! great pictures! i am going to save some of them, if you don't mind. wade and i (from now on, we go by "Waggie") have some good pics too... maybe i'll post them on the webboard.

oh, but p.s., the hair flip dancing picture is not amy. it's me! you silly head!

i miss you and wish i could've seen more of you (as in more TIME with you, not seeing more of your body... not that i'm against seeing your feet, stomach, lungs, liver, etc.). i hope june comes quickly!