Monday, August 01, 2005


The moving part of moving in together is done. The unpacking part is still in progress, and it mostly consists of my stuff. How is this possible, when I lived in the apartment before Nick and I myself have not really moved? There are a few reasons for this. (1) I'm a horrible person and never fully unpacked when I moved in a year ago (2) Unpacking these boxes involves me sitting on the floor, going through my old (really old) school papers (like from freshman year of college... c'mon, Keyes!) and re-reading them. All. And considering re-writing them for fun. Or just keeping them around as monuments to my evolving genius (snorts of laughter from the crowd). Needless to say, Nick finds this all extremely charming and not at all annoying as crap. But now that the big stuff is done, we actually get to spend time together at night, instead of collapsing face-down onto the carpet at the end of the day.

On the crochet front, I have stashed the stash in an old bureau. 4 drawers filled and yet the stash still runs amok in the study. The nicer yarns are in the drawers (merino, mohair and chenille), and the acrylic is left to fend for itself. Perhaps it will run away and turn feral, like cats in DeKalb and Sycamore. Boy, do I loathe acrylic. It's handy for those quickie give-away gifts or donations, but I'm not a fan. It makes my teeth hurt when I touch it, and if that isn't one of nature's danger signs, I don't know what is. Happily, most of my projects are of the cotton or wool (or blends) variety.

Uberthanks are in order, as two of my fellow Sit-n-Stitchers bailed me out of a jam last month. I had a display in a window at the Library, and it was totally last minute, and these two ladies helped me out by filling up the window. Sandi and Anna, you both are amazing and fabulous.
This is Anna's stocking hat (in Chicago Bears/Illini colors, natch)

And this is Sandi's small purse, which got lots of attention. (It sits atop my washcloth.)

Thankyouthankyouthankyou both for your help. See me for further goodies.

In other news, it's August. We now have a reason for the foul beastie heat we've been having (and continue to have). In June and July we had absolutely disgusting weather which was shocking to everyone, including myself, despite having lived in the area for my whole freakin' life. Humid, hot, sticky, completely still wind. It was terrible, and made even worse because "it's only June" or "it's only July." Well, now we have to just bite the darn bullet and say, "Gosh, this weather sure is awful, but what do you expect in August." Because the turn of the calendar page makes all the difference.

Midwesterners rule.

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