Tuesday, August 02, 2005

When is a Book like an Armpit?

I ask you.

Libraries are delightful places. I love working at my local public library... seeing familiar faces (I've worked here for 5 years), helping people find stuff they need, teaching crochet classes... ah, it warms the cockles of my heart.

Unfortunately, that's about all that's warm here right now. Because of the sauna-esque weather we've been having in Northern Illinois the air conditioning in the Library building gets cranked down to what feels like 43 degrees and gets even cooler in the basement from whence I write these dainty missives (but never on work time, of course). And why? The books need to stay dry (like an armpit) in order to not rot and be disgusting (mold on books is the most icky thing going, by the way. Avoid it at all costs). And in this climate, dry = cold. And that, my friends, is why I sit here freezing my *ahem* off: for the love of books.

Finally, I have pictures!

This is the sun hat for my Margaret-type friend:

It still has 4 more rounds to go on the brim. The end result will be less Gilligan-y and more sunshade-y.
This is the first sunshade hat, which is my very own:

And here is my granny-square scarf (merino... mmm)

I took these and some other FOs into a local resale/vintage clothing/gifty fun shop (Cracker Jax) today and will soon be putting some of my designs in the store for sale. I am near swooning with excitement (does anyone swoon anymore? Can anyone define swoon? I'm almost certain my sister Laura can swoon on command). This is the second time I've discussed money for my crocheted goodness, and the first time I've dealt with a store as the middle-man. Woohoo! Cash! Man, is that stuff ever helpful.

Reminder to DeKalb Area Sit-n-Stitchers
Despite the recent lack of attendance on my part, we will indeed be having a meeting this coming Monday, 8 August 2005. Doors open at 6:30 and close at 8:45pm. Bring your fabulious projects, your fabulious chatter and your fabulious self (fabulious [fab-oo-lee-us] is the invention of a friend of mine). I haven't seen you ladies in about a month and I'm jonesing for a good chat. As always, we will be meeting in the Meeting Room (imagine that) of the DeKalb Public Library. What could be better--books and hooks at the same place. Can you stand it?

I think I may have found my next project. I mean, after my thirty current projects are complete. Yes. Crochet Me just put up their latest issue, and here is the fabulious pillow sham which I hope will grace our futon/couch in the near future. Or the far-away-type-future. Whatever comes first.


Laura (the sister) said...

Yes, indeed I can swoon on command.

KathyMarie said...

I knew it!