Thursday, July 28, 2005

No rest for the wicked

Hooray! Nick is done with the bar exam!

Crap! We still have to finish moving!

Which means my stitching will have to wait. The stash will be banished from the living room corner, where it has lived quite comfortably (and without bothering anyone at all) for a whole year. The current plan is to stash the stash in the small bedroom/study/office/thing. I don't know how that will work... what if I need to just bask in the glory of the grey mohair blend, but I also want to continue stitching on the Hat? I ask you, what then?

I don't have a digital camera just now (maybe for Christmas? Mom&Dad?), but I want to liven this place up a bit, so here are Miss Margaret (future recipient of the Hat and maid of honor at my future wedding) and myself. I'm on the left. Margaret's on the right. The sky is blue. The earth is round. I'm Capt. Obvious today.

Speaking of wicked, the Awesome Parents and one of the Awesome Sisters are going to see Wicked in Chicago on Sunday. What a sneaky trick for getting out of helping us move. You sneaky-type persons.

They're like ninjas, only Anglo and with greater affinity for musical theatre.


margaret said...

Hi Kathy McNabernathy!

I'm going to talk to you on the phone shortly, but wanted to comment on this picture of us:

(1) You look slightly uncomfortable, almost as if I might be strangling you a bit and whispering, "Smile, or else!" in your ear.
(2) I look like I have a little bit of the devil in me.
(3) I am as pale as Yuki's fur compared to you! It's funny!
(4) We are really cute/awesome... maybe we should start a band...



Heather said...

I can totally picture your mom in a ninja suit...