Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Love Sit-n-Stitch, continued

Alright, finally viewing pictures of last night's SnS made me forget about avoid thinking about Pat Robertson (except to say that, while listening to Cornwell's Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper, Case Closed, I heard a description of psychopaths and sociopaths and their inability to care about the consequences of, say, murdering a nation's leader. Sound like any twit we know?).

Right, back to the SnS. We had such a good time last night. To those who don't know what we've been up to (no good!), we've been crocheting squares for the Very First Afghan. We will either give the blanket to an organization in need, or raffle off the afghan and give the proceeds to an organization in need. Last night we settled in to join the squares. Here are most of the squares, at the beginning of the night:

Tammy took the first column (it would have been on the left) to her son's Cub Scout (or Boy Scout?) award ceremony to stitch together between applause. (Thank you!) She actually got most of them joined, and returned about 8:00 cursing the scoutmaster's penchant for slide shows and accompanying darkness.

After Tammy left, the 5 of us (Julia, Anna, Janice, KathyT and myself) stood around the table and looked from the squares to the joining yarn, and from the yarn to the squares. I mentioned my complete lack of experience with joining squares and was delighted to hear that such was the case with my fellow stitchers. 45 squares to join and no one knew how. And me without my Donna Kooler's. Eventually we decided to just wing it and join with sc (using the fabled and plentiful RHSS White).

That's Julia (proud mom of various children and a new puppy), Sandi (proud mom of various children and a new puppy) and myself (proud). Anna (proud mom of vacationing children) is in the foreground. Thanks to Emily (one of the various children--Sandi's) for taking the picture.

Here are Anna, Janice and KathyT joining two columns together. Look at the dedication! The intensity! The fervor with which they work!
Now look at the other side of the table:

Ms Sandi's allergy meds made her a little nuts, which made the evening just that much more delightful. There's nothing like having a crazy woman on your right to make the square-joining just fly by.

This is Emily (of the photographs). After spending most of the night making about five different projects (ripping out and beginning a new chain, but not getting much beyond that crucial point), Emily decided to help, joining two squares together. This is a feat in itself because not only did she just learn the art of crochet in July, she is also a lefty crocheting right-handed. The girl is amazing. And has decided that if we can't offload the afghan, she wants it. We have entered into negotiations.

Our Dear Heather was not there, due to husband error and resulting lack of dinner. She was with us in spirit and plans to be with us next time, corporeally and with a properly functioning spousal unit.

This is what we came up with at the end of the night:

The left column is as yet unattached, but the two on the right are joined together, and the two in the middle are as well. Gives us something to do in two weeks.

*Cough* You may have noticed that the squares in the almost-finished afghan photo do not occupy the same places they did in the pre-join photo. Yes. Well, when you get 6 or 7 chatty ladies round a table, order and method often fly out the proverbial fenestre. (Plus Sandi was high on allergy medicine, so it's probably all her fault.) I think it looks fabulous. Well done, ladies.

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