Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stuck, Unstuck

Wow. I just wrote a bunch of stuff that seemed like it was going one way, but then totally took the fork in the road and went absolutely nuts. It was just ... gah! It was all wrong and I erased it.

The erased blathering went on and on about how I feel stressed and stuck and unable to really get moving on things (wedding planning, work, family meltdowns, etc), and it was so unbelievably negative that it had to go. Goodbye, negative post.

So, yes. In an effort to become unstuck (as though I were snared by a tasty-but-sneakily cunning PBJ sandwich) I have decided to take up running again. I ran track for 4 years in high school and played rugby for 2 years in college (really), and after foot surgeries that were embarassingly long ago (2.5 years?), it's time to get mobile. Not only do I have my health to consider, I have adorable red pants that are one size smaller than I currently wear. And a wedding during which I insist that I look f-ing amazing, dernit!

My girl Lara and I have been running this week. Excuse me, walking and running. About 3-ish miles. And getting up early to do it (6am! I'm up at 6am!! Mom, are you reading this?! Because it's amazing!!). I've been running every day so far this week. There are muscles that are buried under other muscles and I had no idea that they were there, but they hurt like hell. I love it.

Another way I've found to get unstuck:

Those are the shoes I wore today. They are fun and cheery and cost me eight dollars. The picture also encompasses part of my desk at work. And my feet and shins. The camera has no zoom (but I am very grateful for the use of it, Mom!).

Oh, and the color change (which you can hopefully see) is due to the long-awaited temperature drop and imminent autumn.

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margaret said...

I love your red shoes! I do.

I hope you will wear them in a jam,

I hope you will wear them on the tram.

I hope you will wear your red shoes, dear ma'am.

I hope you will wear them, Margaret I am.