Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pssst! Wanna buy some Mohair?

All yarn has lived with me for 3+ years in a non-pet, non-smoking home, and has spent most of its time in plastic bags. It's lovely stuff, but mohair and I just don't get along. I'm open to PayPal and check (will wait until it clears). Shipping (you choose method) is not included in the price here, but will be when the order is compete.

For Sale Unger Legacy Cotton/Mohair

9 x 50g balls of Unger Legacy, one ball had been swatched and then rewound, but all the yardage (appx 140 yds per ball) is there.
32% nylon, 26% acrylic, 26% cotton, 16% mohair
Color #01, Dove

Price: $35.00 the lot

For Sale Mohair of Unknown Origin

A friend works at a place where yarn companies send their stuff to be made into color cards. They have huge amounts left over, and I got this batch in a sale a few years ago. It came to me in weird cone-shaped hanks, and I've wound them into yarn cakes. I don't know what brand this is, what the total fiber content is (though Mohair is pretty obvious), and I don't know the yardage. The yarn WPI is about 6 w
ith space left for the fluffs to spread out.

Dark purple, 9 ounces
Price: $20.00
now $10.00

Blue/purple variegated, 11 ounces
Price: $24.00 now $12.00

Raspberry/deep pink, 10 ounces
Price: $22.00 now $11.00

Midnight blue, 6.5 ounces
Price: $11.00 now $5.50

Medium blue, 5.5 ounces
Price: $9.00 now $4.50

Turquoise/robin's egg blue, 2 ounces
Price: $4.00 now $2.00

Acid green, 3 ounces
Price: $5.00 now $2.50

Dark blue, 4.5 ounces
Price: $6.50 now $3.25

Want the whole lot? All Mystery Mohair for $40.00 plus shipping.


Elizabeth said...

ummm...this has nothing to do with mohair, but...
I just figured out a great place use you team name!
Go here

Elizabeth said...

And by elizabeth I mean Beth. Your neighbor.

femiknitter said...

I do not want to buy mohair. I already have mohair I'm trying to pawn off on others. I feel your pain.

Have you tried the Knitters Review Forums or the Knitty swap page? That might be helpful. Or, of course, when the destash page is taking new members you could try that.

KathyMarie said...

Why did I buy this stuff?!

I did try posting at Knitter's Review (I'm not a member of the Knitty board), but mystery mohair in unknown amounts doesn't seem to appeal to the masses.

I also posted to the Destash Blog, but Blogger was having a stroke the same day and put up the post FIVE TIMES. I deleted the extraneous ones, but then the one I left up there got eaten.

I am defeated.

FiberBeads said...

Hello, I have been searching and searching for a blue/purple variegated similar to what is listed in this posting. It's been a few years but I was wondering if it is still available? If so, I would be very interested in buying it from you. My Email is

Crossing fingers and thanks!