Thursday, April 19, 2007

Having found my sub-niche

Thanks to everyone for your sympathy in my last two posts. I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to all of you directly -- Blogger doesn't give me your email addresses all the time. Grr.

This week has gone better (dark chocolate and Merlot have kept me just out-of-it enough), and is ten times more better because I have tomorrow (Friday) off. And though that means I have to work Saturday, I'll be all alone in the basement of the library and can play music through the computer's speakers instead of my headphones. !!! That's just the kind of rebel that I am.

And for the record, I did totally kick winter's ass and send it packing. For about three days. Now it's cold and grey and rainy and entirely non-glorious today, and winter just sits out there, begging to come back into my life and telling me it's the only season that could make me happy, that spring doesn't love me like it does, and that summer's just a flash-in-the-pan.

Whatever. Winter, you suck.

And I suck for not having a photo of anything WIP-ish, but I am in a bit of a snit with most of my projects just now, and we're not speaking.

This, however, does not suck:

Yes, it's the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Knit Along. I'm a fan of Buffy, I'm a fan of knitting, it all works out beautifully. It's the whole pointy stick/pointy stick affinity. The sweet thing about this KAL, aside from the obvious BtVS-ness, is that there are no time limits, no mandated patterns. Just hang out and knit and discuss. Plus you get to pick which category you want to be in -- Slayers, Vamps, Witches, Scoobies, Watchers, Demons. It's awesome. If you love Buffy (or Angel), you should join. (I'm talking to you. You know who you are.)

I embrace the weird, and it embraces me back.


roggey said...

MMmmm, dark chocolate and merlot tend to make things a wee less tedious =)

Rachel said...

I'm completely intrigued by the Buffy KAL. I'm fairly new to knitting still - 5 months or so, and so I've never heard of a knit along. I love Buffy, and dreamy Angel, so I need to know. What's a knit along?

KathyMarie said...

Rachel, a KAL usually happens when a group of knitters/bloggers fall in love with the same pattern or theme or something, and all knit something similar (or the same) together, over a set time frame (or not -- the rules vary).

I am so slow at my knitting that I almost never jump on those bandwagons. Stunningly, the Buffy KAL is great for me because there's no time limit and no real required knitting. You should totally check it out!

Rachel said...

Thanks Kathy!

femiknitter said...

Okay someone's got to say this. Buffy is kinda lame. But kinda funny. I have mixed emotions about the show as a whole. David Boreanaz? I think he's much more attractive in Bones than in Buffy. Not as deathly pale/skinny. Of course, we was a vampire on Buffy, so I guess he has an excuse.