Friday, March 02, 2007

Some Observations

1. The weather has gone bat-shit crazy, as is usual here for March. Yesterday it rained all morning, got sunny and warm at lunchtime, then went grey and evil during the afternoon. Then it snowed all night with high winds (my apartment building? It sways in the wind. Yes.), and that seems to be the trend for today. Fantastic. But the weird-and-happy thing is, the wind that's blowing feels not as soul-crushingly cold as it has been. That long-awaited season (I'm not going to jinx it by saying its name) is coming!

2. I have purchased new yarn.

Cherry Tree Hill in Monet.

Fleece Artist in Moss.

I decree that this is not a falling off of the KFYS wagon. I have determined that casting on for a second pair of socks practically equals finishing a second pair of socks, the prerequisite for purchasing more sock yarn. Plus I wanted it. Plus the CTH has turned into a beautiful teal-green-based rainbow of a yarn cake. And the pretty pretty Moss is for a specific project (more on that later... it is marinating just now). So I am entirely justified. I mean it.

3. Our friends Mark and Amy are coming to town tonight! We haven't seen them since New Year's Eve: Hammerfist Style and I'm totally excited about it. Friends of ours are having their wedding reception tomorrow, and MarkAmy are staying with us and it's going to be awesome with the cooking together and the dressing up for the party and the hanging out. I've started the pre-preparation for the crockpot dinner I'm going to put together on my lunch hour, and dinner will be ready just after they get here, and all will be awesome. Awesome, I say!!

4. I have made progress on the to-be-felted tote.

I finished the base,

and cast on about thirty-seven times for the side. First it was too small. Then it was too big. Then it was way too big. Then it was too small. Now it is just right. Ugh. Garter stitch is a little sneaky stitch when it comes to how many stitches equal how many rows. This last time (the time that seems to be working, unless I have jinxed myself by saying that) I cast on 64 stitches, which is the number of ridges (2 rows of garter) I have in the base. I hope this is right.

5. My Mom's feet make sort of cracking/snapping sounds when she walks. It's not painful (I think) or problematic, her feet just do that. When I was little I could always tell when she was walking down the hall or up the stairs or wherever, just by hearing her feet snap. I never really thought about it until I moved out of the house and didn't hear it regularly anymore. This morning, as I got up early to chop vegetables, my feet made the snapping noise and I realized that my feet have been making that noise for a long time. I have my mother's feet. It made me all happy.

(I just don't have any good recent pictures of me and Mom, what with the camera being a twit, so I give you a picture from my wedding day)

Anyone else have any physical trait from your parents that makes you smiley and happy?


ActLikeOne said...

I love to hear Father's laugh. I always recognize it, and can tell which section of the audience he is sitting in when I'm in a play. Unless, of course, I'm doing Shakespeare. In that case, he's asleep.

femiknitter said...

The log cabin bag is really coming along! You're using my current favorite colors--purples and greys. They're the coolest (right now).

Yeah for new sock yarn! I love that Cherry Tree Hill colorway!

SheCrochets said...

I like the colors for the bag! It is looking sweet. :-) As for family traits... I have the opposite in that a younger cousin has double-jointed fingers, just like me. I love her to death and it always makes me happy (in a crazy type way) for us both to make our fingers bend at impossible angles!

Catie said...

I got my "witch finger" toes from my mom. Also the trait of being able to sit in a pitch dark room and still get a sunburn. I'm so glad you all are finally not having as horrible weather as you have been lately.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes my feet crack/snap like mom's too! It's not painful for me.

Bookish Wendy said...

I love that picture of you and your mom... Moms are the best.

Lisa said...

I have my mom's laugh. It's loud and raucous and let's you know something funny is going on. I used to be a little ashamed of it when I was a dumb teenager, but now, I realize that not enough people just let themselves laugh, out loud and with that kind of exuberence that you can't help but laugh along. My mom has that, and thankfully, I have that, too.