Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Snark Because I Care

Let me just get right to the reasons for my snarking.

Reasons One through Five: I have a cold and I have no idea where it came from. I have been a good girl this winter and have worn my woolen hat and wool/alpaca blend scarf EVERY DAY, even the warmish ones! I have taken my vitamins, have been drinking LOTS of water (okay, and beer, but still! lots of water!), and have diligently sanitized my hands and the gym equipment every time I use them (both hands and gym equipment). FROM WHENCE CAME THIS EVIL PLAGUE??!

I had to take Monday and Tuesday off work, went in yesterday and today and moved, as my Grandma would say, slower than molasses in January due to all the snot sloshing around in my noggin (yes, I'm being disgusting). And I have to go in one more day this week. One. More. Day. I don't think I can make it.

To top that off, I'm taking this lovely concoction

and it says it doesn't contain alcohol, but I think they're lying. Unless they are using alcohol-flavored non-alcohol. Ponder that one for a minute.

Reason Number Six: My camera is beyond being a jackass at this point. Now it's just taunting me. I finally got my shit together (yes, I'm swearing) to post on the DeStash Blog, wound up all this yarn I want to sell or swap, and took pictures of it. In natural light. For I hate myself and want to make my life harder. Of course.

Can you tell what that is? Through the horizontal-blind-like madness of my camera's fiendish gaze? It's mohair, kiddies, and it looks pretty craptacular.

Reason Number Seven: I still haven't figured out how to knit by using only my brain, so progress on all projects has been slow, much like the proverbial molasses in January. Although I did rip out the bottom to the to-be-felted tote and cast on fewer stitches, as it was way too big initially. So, does that count as progress or not?

And I know I should find seven things to be happy about, as is my wont, but I am so cranky about wanting to feel better (it's lovely, really, to see a grown woman whinge about like a toddler with a toothache. Shame you aren't all here.) that it's hard to see the happy things.

Really hard. I'm in massive hate with the whole world right now.


Okay, fine. I'm really not that cranky and I do in fact have a heart that could be compared to marshmallow fluff and not granite. Witness:

Happy Thing One and Thing Two: The needle cases I ordered from granny's closet came today and made me smile all big, through my snot. They are pretty and perfect and well-made with love and care.

Circular needle case, holds nine.

Double-pointed needle case, holds eleven sets.

Happy Thing Three: My neighbor gave me this anerable bumper sticker, and she left it stuck to my door in a sneakily fun way, and it made me laugh out loud. And then cough.

Happy Thing Four: I'm wearing my travelling garden gnome pajamas,

from Wanda and Heath, from two Christmases ago. Thank you.

Happy Thing Five: We watched The Protector (a.k.a. Tom Yum Goong) last night, and it was the most amazing kung-fu movie I have ever seen and I now have a love for Tony Jaa that knows no bounds and if you don't see it there will be a hole in your heart and you will weep. There were three distinct fight scenes during which Nick said "this is the best fight I've ever seen." Story, not fantastic. Fight scenes, freaking amazing.

Happy Things Six and Seven: More Ghirardelli Intense Dark Twilight Delight 72% Cacao chocolate, because he feels bad that I feel sickly. Good lord I love this man.

Okay, now that I have proven my ability to find some good in this world, you have to spread the cheerful love and tell me at least one thing that has made you happy this week. C'mon. Help a sickie out.


ActLikeOne said...

Ok, perhaps you and I caught the same evil bug because I was down on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

KathyMarie said...

Is that your happy thing?

Oh, and you are so well-known at the library that one of our staff asked me if you were okay when they called you because you sounded all sickly. Congratulations. You have arrived.

femiknitter said...

Hmm . . . a happy thing? I bought PINK sock yarn today! Bright PINK! It was so happy it had to be purchased--it wasn't my fault! And I shall not be mentioning yarn diet violation on my blog. That means it doesn't count.

Alison said...

A happy thing, you say? I finished Lady Eleanor! A friend is going to help me take photos this weekend and I shall post soon. :)

femiknitter said...

Hehe, happy thing #2: I just snuck a the new happy-bright-pink-stash-fattening-yarn that shall not be mentioned on my blog into a picture in my last post! HeHe! Don't tell anyone, or there will be consequences. They will involve your bed and a fire. You know what I mean.

OneScrappyChick said...

my happy thing is that yesterday at 3:00.. the end of the day bell rang at school and started our Winter Vacation. I was so happy I almost cried in the hall on the way out the door.

Lisa said...

Happy Thing #1:

I have two weeks until Vacation. (And, yes, it warrants the capital letter.)

Happy Thing #2
I had a dear friend remind me that being afraid of failure is just plain silly. So, you might fail. Big deal You pick yourself up and dust yourself and pick up where you left off. This is where I learned that people where I live have this very defeatist attitude. I have decided they are all very sad and not worth my time. I think I'm going to take a risk...

Happy Thing #3: Wine. Lots of it.

Happy Thing #4: I think I might, after some very drastic measures, lost a whole pound this week. It's better than nothing.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Happy Things!
*1 Unearthed a dozen knitting books from the bottom of a packing box
*2 Started a toddler sock that will be a mini-Thuja - so cute!
*3 Planted seeds in my garden
*4 Had time to knit in front of tv (impossible recently)

KathyMarie said...

Kate, oh my god where do you live that you are planting seeds in your garden? We just got a nasty snow/rain combo this weekend in Northern IL.

And in case you all didn't know, NyQuil is the freaking elixir of life.

Lisa said...

Is that the 72% cacao chocolate with the bits of cacao in it? Dude, that will fix anything.

I'm sorry you've been feeling ill. I hope by the time you get this you are feeling better.

I also suggest hot toddies the way my mom makes them: a shot or two of whiskey, a lot, a lot, a lot of honey, and some lemon juice, all heated up. It really does work. In the very least, you don't care so much afterwards. :-)