Thursday, November 09, 2006

What kind, indeed?

Overheard tonight Chez HookOn:

[Nick prepares to leave for the game store (the "dork forest" as a friend of ours calls it) for to play Magic:The Gathering]

Me: "Ooh, look out! Don't step on the [finished object to be announced later] on the floor. I'm blocking it."
Nick: "You're blocking it?"
Me: "Yes, that's when you soak the [finished object] and then pin it--"
Nick: "I know what blocking is."
Me: "You do?" [amazed that some of my knitting babble actually stuck]
Nick: "Of course I do. What kind of knitter's husband would I be if I didn't know what blocking meant?"

I love this man.


prettyknit said...

ha ha ha .. funny, I have a similar convesation with my husband before!!

SheCrochets said...

Dude. I can't believe it. My hubby plays Magic, too. If you say Nick is into Warhammer as well, I will conclude that our husbands were actually twins separated at birth .... :-)

Renee said...

You'll have him knitting before long. Double the knitters - double the stash. Sounds good to me!

femiknitter said...

Isn't it great when you realize all of this stuff you say actually sunk in??? I'm with Renee--let's get him knitting too! Just start showing him some of the great man-knitting going on at (but in cotton/linen/tencel yarns, of course!)