Saturday, November 11, 2006

One of Four

I have finished one of the four promised bridesmaid gifts. This one is Maribeth's scarf, finished posthaste after a pointed observation about the growing chill in the air.

It's the FO I mentioned before, and here it is all pinned out for her block party. Heh.

Left = before; right = during. I love how the ribs have opened up.

Here it is all foldy. I'm totally impressed with blocking. It makes the scarf look fantastic and semi-professional. (I'm tooting the horn of Blocking, not my own. My stitches looked fairly squashy and uneven before the voodoo that is Blocking.)

Even the edge stitches look better. Does everyone know about this? I have the urge to become a blocking evangelist and travel the world telling every knitter about this fabulious (that's right, I'm keeping that word) technique and how it can save humanity by stunning us with its transformative power and making us speak softly and offer tea and cookies to one another.

Except I'm probably the last knitter on earth to have found out about the magic of Blocking (I think it deserves to be capitalized, don't you?). Ah well. I'll keep my eyes open for the tea and cookies then, shall I?

And here it is, all wrapped up and on its way to my sister. Hooray!

Pattern: None, just 3x3 rib over ... um... 30 stitches, I think.
Yarn: Catalina Chunky 100% baby alpaca (109 yds per skank) 2 skanks
Needles: US 10 (6.0 mm) aluminum circulars, inherited, unknown origin.
What I Learned: How to wash and block a finished object, which I had never done before.
Thoughts: I love the softness, but hated the bloomy-ness of this yarn. I kept sneezing all the time, and didn't like that my shirt fronts looked like I'd been wrestling cats after a knitting session. The yarn was splitty and loosely plied, too, which slowed me down a bit. But the color (natural - 101) is beautiful and will go well with Maribeth's winter coat (and I have some more natural colored alpaca -- Classic Elite -- which may be a hat to match later on).

One down, three to go.

Oh, and did you remember today?


femiknitter said...

The scarf looks great--all warm and squishy!

I know what you mean about the blocking. I never bothered to block anything until I made my first sweater, and I was blown away by the difference it made. Seriously, I love it now. It's totally worth the time and effort.

Alison said...

Last night I finished a 2x2 rib scarf and am looking forward to the block party to open the ribs as well. :) Yay for ribbed scarves!

dianne said...

It looks absolutely beautiful!!!