Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Up to here

I am upset.
I am just about ready to scream highly offensive things at inappropriate times.
I am close to saying Just Fuck Away Off You Damned Inconsiderate Bastard to several people (or groups of people) (or my own body).
I can't do this because these are people (or groups of people) (or body parts) with whom I must share some part of my life or space or time, and can't afford to anger them in the way that would please me most.
The weather (grey and dreary and unseasonal) isn't helping.

Dare I knit? It soothes the savage beast, but will the savage beast scare the stitches into tiny shrunken unusable versions of themselves?

And of course this whole rant was just made to sound WAY more pathetic and whiney by a co-worker who dealt with four very pleasant people at the Reference Desk just now, and whose mood was vastly improved because of it. Dammit.


kimberly said...

imagine your greatest knitting accomplishment - take a deep breath - and know that this too shall past.
- best wishes of survival Kimberly

Alison said...

And that is why I have no desire to become a reference librarian. I have worked enough customer service to know that, while there are a lot of neutral people out there, and a few very nice ones, the stupid jerks are the ones that stay with you.

I'll sit in the basement sticking strange numbers on book spines, thanks.

Anonymous said...

girl... don't knit when you are that mad. Have a beer first.. do some yoga.. and then knit. Your knitting will thank you.