Wednesday, November 22, 2006


First, thank you to everyone who thought about Nick and I (whether you commented on the post or not) over the weekend. We both read the comments and felt warm fuzzies in the form of knitterly support. Thank you.

ETA: to answer Pica's question about the deer -- yes, it is totally dead. Our car is still in the hands of the body shop, and we haven't heard from them yet. And I get to take Nick's sutures out tomorrow morning. (!!!)

Second, due to the impending holiday my knitting is taking a backseat to the madness of preparation and logistic impossibilities that come up when two people are suddenly thrust into one-car-having when they are accustomed to two-car-having. I have today off work and would love to say that I'll be spending it knitting away at some lovely thing while listening to the mellifluous tones of Jim Dale reading Harry Potter. But alas. I have to pre-prepare our Thanksgiving meal, organize my errands to take place in very close proximity to one another, and bake some bread.

I'm actually pretty excited about the bread -- I bought a bread cookbook (a bakebook?) a few months ago and it's got all these recipes from around the world, and it's very very cool. When I brought it home and showed it to Nick, he mentioned a bread he knew from childhood that was the epitome of breads, the best of breads, and it was called Olive Oil Bread. The other day I flipped the pages of my new bakebook and came across Olive Oil Bread. I'm going to make it for him (and share it with the rest of the family, of course) and I'm totally excited about it. Whee!

Third, nature photos.

And that is all, for I am tired and must away. Tune in next time, when we hope to bring you more knitting content, of the no-reason-to-panic variety.

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Renee said...

I'm behind on my readings and I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby's accident. Glad it all turned out ok.