Friday, November 03, 2006

Adventures in Civic Responsibility

As you may have noticed, if you live in the USA and are not deprived of every one of your senses, election season is upon us.

I don't have cable, so that means I don't have television (too far from broadcast towers to get any sort of reception) and am happily deprived of the nasty "don't-vote-for-this-candidate" commercials, and thought I was relatively safe from all campaigning as I only listen to National Public Radio. Wrong! Apparently, it's now part of the campaign process to invade voters' homes! I have received 2 phone calls and 3 slick brochures from the Committee to Re-elect Hastert in the past week.

My thoughts on this are two-fold:

1. Do the Republicans even know who they're sending this shit to? Because I'm on the left side of things, generally speaking, and shall not be moved. Maybe they're trying to lure me over to the dark side with their waste-a-tree pamphlets and southern-accented messages saying "President Bush and I urge you to support a strong Republican candidate" ... (is the message-leaver even from Illinois?) Maybe? They're wasting their breath [metaphorically speaking], for oh so many reasons.

2. Why aren't the Democrats doing this? Or maybe they are, and they're already aware of how much of a liberal I am thus feeling no need to waste time and precious, precious money on converting me. I hope they're calling the on-the-fence voters, though. Goodness knows we need all the help we can get.

Do you know who your candidates are? If you don't, may I direct your attention to the following?:
Wiki article about House elections (I have never been happier to live in the 14th district, because here I can vote against that assmonkey Hastert.)
Wiki article about Senate elections (complete with graphics!)
Pro-choice candidate information (see? See how liberal? That's how I roll.)
Human Rights Campaign (LBGT) candidate info (again with the liberal! It's amazing!)

I'm too late to tell you to register to vote for this election, but I can encourage everyone to vote on this coming Tuesday. I don't care how you vote -- just make sure you do.

Next time: see how the Great Dyeing Party went! Same Bat-time, Same Bat-station!


Lisa said...

You know what? Voting in general is just good. I am a Lefty, but I would be happy if more people voted. I think people forget that we are these idiots' employers, not the other way around. In fact, I think They for get that. It's time to remind them...

Lisa said...

I can spell. Sort of.


SheCrochets said...

I rent a condo. The last guy who lived in it was (apparently) a very conservative, right-leaning-so-much-he-fell-over PASTOR. So. You can imagine the fun junk mail I still get, especially this time of year!

KathyMarie said...


I heard Barack Obama speak last month (oh, please run for President!) and someone in the audience asked what the heck is wrong with the government, etc. Obama responded (cheerily, of course) with "well, people get the government they deserve."

And we do. So lets go vote tomorrow.

Mandy said...

Hey thanks for the invitation, I'm not in DeKalb tonight, but maybe some other week I'll be able to come by and join you. Do you meet every Monday or is there a different schedule?al

Debby said...

We did it!! We now have a chance to do some good...