Friday, September 08, 2006

So. Annoyed.

For the following in-no-particular-order reasons:

1. Our intardnet connection at home decided to seize up, so we are paying Comcast about $2.00 per day for nothing at all. It could be the modem, it could be ... not the modem. Nobody knows. But it would cost us $75 for some dude to come out and tell us one way or the other, and then probably $60 or more for a new modem. Effing machines!

1a. Because of the intardnet non-connection, I can't show you pictures of happy new yarn, or my oh-so-close-to-being-done Tempting sweater, or the crazy huge granny square I crocheted on accident, or the strange new way Nick is using my giant knitting needles. (Get your mind out of the gutter--I heard that!) All those pictures are on my home computer, and not here. Effing machines!

1b. I am blogging at work, because this internet connection is working properly. I keep having to hide the blog Create Post page behind the circulation module or something.

2. Work level this week: much higher than usual. Stress level: much higher than usual. So I guess I don't feel too badly that I'm blogging while at work on a Friday afternoon.

3. Nick's car decided to part ways with its radiator hose on Wednesday night. This is costing us an amount which, while not extreme, is still uncomfortable. The car is on its last legs (rims?) and we're starting to think about a new-to-us car. Ack.

4. We're planning a trip to The House On The Rock with our neighbor friends, and I just checked out the admission prices. $26.50 per person. (And here is where I start to sound like an old curmudgeon...) When Nick and I went there last, and granted it was 8 years ago or something, the prices were a much more reasonable $17-ish per person. Now it's fifty-three dollars just to get two of us into the place which is very awesome and totally stunning, but fifty-three dollars people? Come on! Plus the gas to get up there, plus we might be renting a car (what with all the car death going on), plus food.

So yes, I am annoyed. But it's Friday afternoon, the sun is out, and this little guy just stopped by again:

... or not. Blogger, you asshat.

Effing machines!

ETA (at 1:15am): #5. Apparently an ex-boyfriend (from HIGH SCHOOL, no less!) has located my other email address (not the one I have up on this blog) and has sent me a truly strange email in which he assumes he is "#1 in [my] heart" and professes to "love [me] always." Oh, and he also included his high school football jersey number. I really really want this to be spam, but all signs point to genuine ex-boyfriend-asshattedness.

If, by this point, you have assumed that things ended weirdly or that he was the emotional troll named Brian mentioned here (scroll down to the paragraph in parentheses), you would be correct. Of course, he may not be a complete fuckwit these days, but one must make assessments based on one's own experience, no?


Renee said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. Let's hope the weekend turns out to be better. I'll pray for your car to recover, ok?

Laura said...

HE'S contacting you!! That emotional fuckwit!

Anna said...

Dang, when it rains it pours eh?