Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In which I wax rhapsodic

The weather is turning. Yesterday it only got as high as 67 F, and today is grey and breezy and chilly. The first fallen leaves are blowing around on the sidewalks, and some of the more forward trees in the neighborhood are putting on their flashy fall colors.

I love it*. I love autumn the most of all the seasons (unless Christmas can be counted as its own season), because it means baking doesn't involve heatstroke; there is tasty apple cider, which can be mulled and en-liquored; apple orchard!; tea!**; socks become more vital to survival (perhaps I should finish a pair?); and sweaters begin to consider leaping out of storage to wrap you in their cozy goodness.

Having finished the Tempting (to which I am done forever with linking, I'm sorry), I'm all ready to cast on for another something for me, in the form of the Hourglass Sweater (Last Minute Knitted Gifts). With one lace project, one ribbing project, one cabled project, and one project that is nothing AT ALL but moss stitch, I think a little boring-ass stockinette is perfect. And it's for me! Hooray!

* Of course, I don't love the chill so much when my freaking windows won't close all the way.

** I have joined the Knitter's Tea Swap 2, and I'm pretty excited about it. The only other swap I was in was the Scarf Swap (Julie spoiled me with a beautiful Here-and-There Cables scarf), and then I went and planned a wedding. I was way too busy to do anything but flip out about ridiculous stuff, and was getting a little jealous of my friends who were always finding new KAL or swaps or secret pal stuff to do. Now that my time is my own (ha!), I'm looking forward to getting my KTS pal assignment and putting together a package for her/him. And to drinking all the tasty tea in salute to KTS. Mmm.... tea.


Renee said...

I pulled one of my sweaters out yesterday to wear and it was most satisfying. Good time of year but I think I'd like autumn more if winter wasn't right behind it.

femiknitter said...

So funny that you are going to be working on the Hourglass sweater right now! I'm waiting for my yarn from KP so I can cast on for another one (which I'm aiming to finish before I see you next). We shall be knitting it together!

Lisa said...


I have only two drinking vices: tea and wine.

I have lots o' tea, mostly loose, because I like to make my own blends. IMade a green tea with spearmint and lavender for the SCA event over the weekend and although said event was held in the fires of HELL, it was quite refreshing. I've plans for a kind of Halloween-y Autumn blend involving oranges, cloves, and nutmeg. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Maybe I should join the swap...