Sunday, July 23, 2006


"Mawiage is what bwings us togevver, today!"

It's official!! Kathy is fully hitched to her love of nine years (!!), Nick. They're a freaking adorable couple, I'll have you know. Oh, and Hi! I'm the guest blogger, and not Kathy, lest you think she's suddenly gone all third person on you. Kathy is unable to be here herself right now because the lucky girl is up in the northern wilds, probably sitting on the front porch of her cabin, alternately knitting & snorgling with her sweetie. Honeymoons are great.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous--held at a lovely lodge right on the edge of a lake that I'd never heard of, in the middle of some really beautiful rolling hills on the border of Wisconsin. I've never actually been up that way, and it's just lovely up there! Kathy grew up in that area, from what I hear, and she's a lucky little critter for it. The weather was wonderful too--big, puffy storm clouds that looked stunning on the horizon, made for really good lighting (y'know, the whole dark sky background + sun = everything's beautiful effect), and only sprinkled for a minute or two. My husband has a thing about taking a picture of the sky on important days...I've got photos of the weather/sky from each boy's birth, and honestly, it's pretty sweet. Kathy's wedding sky is beautiful... There would be a picture here of a pretty sky over the lake, but unfortunately, Blogger has pms again, and won't let me post any. I will try again in a while, but oy! I have this problem on my own blog a lot, and it drives me batshit.

Anyway, it really was a great evening. Kathy & Nick both got all verklempt up at the altar, which was really very sweet. The ceremony was beautiful, as was Kathy...and I'd post pictures to show y'all that, but no, the blog gods curse me daily. My sons also had a wonderful time...Eldest Boy is apparently a dancing fool, and kept the bride occupied for a good long time. I was really touched by that...Kathy took a big part of her time at her own wedding reception to make sure a seven year old boy was happy, and oh my, was he ever thrilled!! Thank you, Kathy, for making my little guy feel so very special.

Speaking of little guys, my herd has awoken & is requesting food, so I must be off for now...but I'll try to come back later & make those pictures post!

Oh yeah, and

CONGRATULATIONS, KATHY & NICK!!! Y'all make a lovely couple. :)


Pica said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Sounds like a gorgeous day. Never mind the sprinkles. In Italy we have a saying: "Una sposa bagnata e' una sposa fortunata," meaning "a wet bride is a lucky bride." It sounds a little racy in English, but it's a way of consoling a bride on a rainy wedding day or if a pigeon poops on her as she and her groom dash out of the church after the ceremony.

margaret said...

hi heather!

yes, the ceremony was grand! i bet there wasn't a dry eye in the place. it was very sweet.

it was awesome to be maid of honor, too! it's like getting front row seats, except without the sitting.

and i LOVED dancing with all the kids! way more fun than dancing with the adults. heather, your boys are darling! and so were those girls who kept tugging my hand... though i still haven't figured out who they are or how they know nick and kathy.

anyway, it was all beautiful and i hope nick and kathy are having an awesome time in their little cabin of love this week. hooray!!!