Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's not easy being....

... well, you know.

After this week, which has been The Week of Stupid (because the fun didn't stop on Wednesday, let me tell you! There was so much more to be had in the form of pirate-y co-workers, accomodating other co-workers, and a laminating machine that wouldn't cooperate! Fun!), I decided to post up my favorite green pictures. Because green helps me calm down, and my blood pressure was running a little high.

Hostas. I love hostas.

Also, I have to get ready for my last official bridal shower in like a minute, so I'm faking a post with pictures. What? Like you're surprised?

Lichen on the Library wall.

Cottonwood seeds get caught in the grass and look like snow. It's a very pretty thing, pseudo-snow. Especially as it doesn't ice up the road and involve shoveling out your car.

Hidden blossoms.

Man, I'm calming right the eff down. *Yawn.* *Stretch.* *Yawn.* (did I make you yawn? Report back if I did, because I must know the extent of my powers.)

What might this be? More about that later.


Anna said...

I love Hostas too but it's probably because they're the only damned plant I don't kill. The yarn at the end looks like my familiar sock yarn mess that I ended up pitching in the trash. I hope this picture isn't a mess but a WIP.

OneScrappyChick said...

Well, as green is my FAVORITE color.. you know I was feeling the love all over this post. Hope the shower went well, and I can't wait to see what that new yarn is going to be!