Friday, April 07, 2006

Cheer, in yarn form

It's been a rough week here at Chez HookOn.

(1) The bathroom smells like a drain and the toilet won't stop making weird hissing noises. It's hard to pee when you think you're going to be attacked by a feral animal. (Are there toilet weasels?)

(2) The caterer that was going to save our wedding budget, isn't. We were hoping to do two kinds of pasta dishes (cheap!) but the only red sauce they use has cheese in it (not compatible with the vegan theme). They're a grocery store, they carry many varieties of red sauce on their shelves that does not contain cheese, and yet. Grrr.

(3) Work has been hectic, with trying to design, order and receive posters in time for next Wednesday's board meeting. Also, communication still fails at some points, despite the recent HellBeast-ectomy. This is discouraging.

(4) Money. Ick.

(5) My second wedding dress fitting is tomorrow. I am still whatever weight I was last time, though I have been eating less (see #4). Despite my insurance covering half a gym membership, I can't join one until I get the anticipated raise which won't take effect until the end of this month (see also #4). And I've got the PMS, which is always a great help in determining the fit of a dress. The cursed Curse!

(6) The combination of numbers 1-5 made me wake up at 4:something this morning and I haven't been able to get back to sleep. Lovely!

To combat all this drear, I give you (and myself) yarny goodness.

My newest acquisitions, all together. Socks are next on my list (after the Tempting... and the Picovoli... and the wedding shawl)(pardon the lack of links, but it's 6am and I can't be bothered), so of course I must anticipate the frenzy and stock up.

The pink/yellow on the left is Sock Garden Stargazer Lily, which will hopefully be 2 pairs of socks (one for me, one for a gift); the multi in the middle is Dancing Tap (socks for me); the grey/blue is yarn with which to learn socks, because I don't like the colors much (maybe socks to give away?); the red/orange is Sock Garden Zinnia (socks for me to match my fingerless mitts); the purple is Sock Garden Pansy (fingerless mitts for Laura). All KnitPicks.

I feel better. Now to get a nap in before I have to wake up.

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Norah said...

The sock yarns are gorgeous. I hope things improve soon!