Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Again With The Swag

Sometimes, working in a public library is the best thing ever.

I put out adverts for my upcoming (less than a week! Oh My God!) intermediate crochet class all around the town (newspapers, posters in the library, etc) and this lovely woman who comes into the library at least once a week called me up the other day. She asked if I could use crochet hooks for my students, as she is nearing 90 years old and the handwork has gotten beyond her. I said of course I could use them, and thank you for offering. Today she called me up and asked if I could use any knitting needles. Well of course I could, and you are a dear.

When I got back to work from my lunch break I found a bag full of knitastic goodness.

I found booklets (one from 1941)

This one has designs in it for size 35 and 50 needles, and I suspect that the enormous Reynolds Jumbo Jet needles I have are size 50 (because really, how could they not be). I'm currently holding onto the needles purely for the comic relief. I may decide to let them go (what, like into the wild?) someday. Someday, but not now.

I also found the tiniest crochet hook I've ever seen (steel size 12).

Yes, I'm sure there are smaller ones, you wacky crochet-with-cobweb purists. It's just that I own this one. And it's freaking tiny. Can't see the hook part? Neither can I, from here. Click to bigginate and you too shall bask in its petite tinydom. And in my fingerprints, if you look closely.

I also found a pom-pom maker, which is awesome.

I almost bought one the other day, and I'm uberglad I didn't. (Do you ever wish you could type an umlaut? I totally want to right now.) I don't know what those round rings are, unless they are another kind of pom-pom maker and I've just displayed my ignorance to the knit/crochet blogosphere. That would be the best thing ever.

And there were stitch holders, too.

It's kind of hard to make stitch holders exciting.

And there were all manner of needles, including this size 10 29" circular, which is awesome because I didn't own one (until now! Sweet!).

See that price? Yes, that baby was $2.50 once upon a time. Oh, for the good ol' days when a circular needle was two-fifty and all you could buy was ...Red Heart. Oh wait. Nevermind.

I also got this set of four size 4 dpns. Alumin(i)um. Pink. They are cute and I love them.

And these shorter straights, still in their Heroic cases:

Can you see those prices? Well, okay, the two on the left are plastic, but still. The alumin(i)um ones were only $1.35 once.

And here is the rest of the haul, backgrounded by my great-grandmother's quilt made of old neckties. I got lots of needles in all sizes, and my needle roll/case for long straights is almost all full.

I love the people who patronize public libraries. They're so lovely.

In Other News
My wrists feel better. I'm not going to stitch till Sunday (maybe Saturday night. Probably Saturday night--who am I kidding), but I am feeling much better. I'm stretching and moving more while I work (thanks Laura!), and throwing my shoulders back when I sit, as Heather does (although I feel all "tits-to-the-wind" when I do and feel kind of naughty about it). Charming, no?

Now I must away and sleep. Long day today. Long day tomorrow. Normal day Friday. Long-ass day Saturday. Sigh.


Anne said...

Because I love typing in foreign languages, for your umlauting pleasure...
the code for it is
Just take out the all of the periods.


Anne said...

darnit it didn't work


Anne said...

Oh yeah... deep down I knew you don't need the <>... this is why I put my keyboard in german instead... sorry for the excessive comments, but I'm glad your wrist is feeling better!

Anna said...
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Anna said...

oops, deleted the comment. Glad to hear your wrist is better. Love all the vintage yet still usable items.

Heather said...

Aw, I'm glad your paws are feeling better. And look at it this way...not only will you improve your posture by knitting with your boobs sticking out, but you'll probably amuse your sweetie while you're at it(and maybe, as a bonus, get laid ;). Heh. Always here to help. ;)

Btw, my word today is badjhzxx. Yowza.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear your wrists have let up on their rebellion.

Lord, if I showed up at work with a haul like that waiting at my desk, I'd squeak, jump up and down, squeak some more, pull it all out, drool and giggle, squeak again, then growl at anyone who came near it.

I'm not at all excitable. :-)

Very impressive stuff. Congrats on the treasure trove of stuff!

Alison said...

Wow! How awesome! I saw knitting needles & crochet hooks in a couple of random antique stores in Iowa this weekend. I didn't get them, but I was amused because they didn't really fit my idea of "antique," not that I know anything about antiques. And I love the idea of a quilt of neckties . . . hmm....