Saturday, August 20, 2005

One of these things is not like the other...

Today's post is about soulmates. Not in the cheesy, hearts-and-flowers romance novel sense (though romance novels have their place); in the sense of finding someone or something you're comfortable with and can stand to be around for a long long time. The length of time it takes to you crochet a scarf, for instance.

I have found a solution to the Sparkly Scarf! It turns out that the Brilliant (the sparkly yarn) just wanted to be worked up with another yarn. A cheap yarn in this case, thank gods. I'm thrilled. I no longer have to worry about what my darling little Brilliant was going to be when it grew up; it wanted to be married. I get it, little buddy, I want to be married too.

So I'm working the scarf in griddle stitch (sc, dc, sc, dc--until you die), with the Patons Brilliant in Glitter Green (honestly, I can't see much green in it, but then I might be colorblind. No, seriously, I have trouble with greens and greys when they're subtle and all sneaky) and in the fabled and plentiful RHSS White. The Sparkly Scarf may have to be called something else, now that it has another component. Not "The Marriage Scarf," though, because that's just too cheesy.

In other not-like-the-other news, Chuck Liddell fights the crap out of Jeremy Horn tonight live on pay-per-view. (How to tie this in to the post theme....? Liddell and Horn have fought before and it didn't go well, and now they're fighting again. That's kind of like soulmates. Right?) I get to be there to find out how it all turns out, and I'm very excited. The scarf is sad because it won't be coming along. Too much chance of it coming unraveled (but I didn't ravel it, I crocheted it. Is there a word like "uncrocheted" or "unknit"? There ought to be.) during a stopper toe hold or rear naked choke. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll bring the scarf along and show it the finer points of mixed martial arts. The scarf could learn a few things.

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