Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I love Sit-n-Stitch

I just love it. Last night was so much fun. Look at the fun here.

This is Janice and Kathy (the Other Kathy), and Sandi's arm. Janice's shoulder is sporting an antique crocheted dress (decorative, as you may have noticed), and her hands are holding a pair of crocheted bloomers made by Kathy's husband's grandmother. The bag on the table is full of antique crocheted doilies, hot pads, trivets, and all manner of goodies. The saint who made them (Other Kathy, does this wonder woman have a name?) made them of thread and they are beautiful. Amazing stuff. Here's what came out of the bag next:

It is a filet baby blanket. Beauteous. Thank you, Kathy, for bringing along such lovely things for us to drool over (send us the cleaning bill, dear). Fabulous.

After the day I had Monday, Sit-n-Stitch was a wonderful thing to plop myself down into and ignore the rest of the world for 2 hours. It was great to catch up with people (after my infamous non-presence last month), and we even had a new member, Fran (Hi Fran!) who cross-stitches. So much fun was had, I'm not sure it wasn't bad for us. Here we all are at almost the end of the night with our projects:

That's the Sparkly Scarf; Emily and her lovely crayon drawing; her mom Sandi and squares for a baby afghan (I'm told the baby came last week); Janice with her new cardigan; and Kathy with the beginnings of a bathroom rug. That's the left side of the room, and here's the right side (which sounds political, but isn't at all):

(The Scarf wants to be everywhere) Tammy with her thread bookmark; Heather with Mail Art for the Farmgirls; and newbie Fran with her grandson's Christmas stocking in cross stitch. We're amazing. Huzzah!


Heather said...

Kee-ripes!! Why don't you ever tell me to freakin sit up straight?! Good God, do I always look like that?!

I'm gonna go hide now...

On a slightly unrelated note, I had a blast at crochet club too. I betcha I would have had more fun had I been sitting up straighter, though, and were thinner. Yeah.

KathyMarie said...

Oh goodness, you look fine. Kind of short, but overall you look decent. heehee!