Monday, August 08, 2005

Busy Like a Bee

I'm just a hookin' fool. I've been doing nothing but crocheting up scarves (hopefully to sell) the past few days.

Saturday night was the UFC cable TV event, and the silver sparkly scarf had the best seat in the house ... on Nick's chest.

The silver sparkly scarf has been giving me grief. I wanted it to be a silver scarf with ends of Fun Fur, but the scarf didn't want to play ball. Then I wanted it to be a Tunisian crochet scarf. The scarf wasn't having any of it. In its present incarnation, the scarf is now a V-stitch sparkly thing, but I'm still not convinced that this is The Stitch (the scarf has its doubts too). I may just rip it out (... again, sigh) and start in on it from a different angle. Or it may just live at the bottom of the workbasket for a week, to escape my attempts to make it into something it's not. I feel like an awful parent. "Be an accountant!" "But Mom, I want to be a sculptor!" And such.

To avoid further tears and recriminations, I went yarn shopping yesterday. My dear friend Heather and I sat in the yarn aisles of Michael's and Wal-Mart (budget considerations!) on a lovely Sunday afternoon and just drooled. I found tons of stuff I want to work with, but the budget did not permit (it was mostly Moda Dea, those crafty bastards with their silky-feeling, seducing-the-unaware, heavenly yarns. I hate them! I love them! I will love them more when I have more money!). But I did come home with some delightful and budget-conscious yarns, after hours and hours of blatant yarn fondling.

I got some lovely Bernat Baby Lash in Baby Blues, which immediately insisted upon being turned into this:

How can you argue with the yarn? It will be a fuzzy winter scarf with eventual hat to match. The yarn is much warmer than it looks at first glance, because it's got all these fuzzies sticking out which are synthetic and trap heat like a dream (or nightmare, if you're crocheting it on a sticky-hot Sunday evening)

(Here are the fuzzies. See?)

I also picked up some of that ladder-type yarn. Lion Brand calls it Trellis, and Caron calls it Fabulous. Sweet. I call it "that ladder-type yarn" and have done with it. I decided to blend the Fabulous in Bubblegum with RHSS ombre in Berries, and it's looking pretty good. You can't see it because the camera didn't take a pretty picture. Operator error, of course, had nothing to do with it.

I also picked up a ball of Lion Wool-ease (ww) white with silver, and Lion Trellis in blue, and RH pseudo-Homespun in a pretty soft pinky-mango-white ombre, and ... some RHSS purple (excuse me, Dark Orchid) to blend with the Berries. There may have been a slight over-budgetness. Very small. Nothing at all to worry about. Just a matter of five dollars. Ish. It's not like I ran over the budget with a pickup or anything.

Tonight I get to bask in the glory of the DeKalb Area Sit-n-Stitch, and for that I am grateful. After the day I have had at work, I'm completely looking forward to seeing all my yarny-type ladies and having a grand ol' time. Too bad we can't have beer in the library... Alright, that's my next business venture: yarn shop, book shop, bar. All in one. Fabulous.


Heather said...

OMG, I would LOVE a bar/yarnshop/bookstore!!! Of course, the spousal unit would probably disapprove...especially when I went missing for days at a time...

KathyMarie said...

Eh, hire the man as a bartender. Or bouncer. Yeah, your DH would make a great bouncer.