Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Matters of Great Import

1. The Llama Song
I am going to be singing this in my head all day today. And now, so are you. Because the orange slayed the rake. Think about that one.

2. The Walker Treasury Project Hosts a Contest
Yes, friends and neighbors, a contest! Head over to The Walker Treasury Project and check out the contest page. You can win fabulous prizes just for commenting! Or for swatching up a pattern from one of the treasuries and posting for the first time during the month of April! Or for taking a really good picture! The possibilities are almost endless. I'm donating a bunch of MOHAIR yarn as prizes (it's good stuff, it just isn't my scene, man), and Karrie is donating some world-famous moustache buttons (god, I love them!). You need to enter the contest.

3. This Is What Spring Looks Like Where I Am

Yes, my town still has its Christmas tree up. I took this picture last week, when it was still March, but still -- it was March, and Christmas had been over for three whole months. 'Tis no longer the season, and we're not a town known for its year-round jollitude. Let's just put it away.

4. Work Gives Me Nightmares
I sort of woke up this morning freaking out (but slowly, in that half-asleep way that seems all fast-paced in your head but is really just you drooling on your pillow and twitching) about the software switchover going on this week at work. I'm so delighted to discover I'm this immersed in my job.

5. I'm going to see the Harlot tonight!
I've planned my knitting, plotted my route, and taken the day off work (in the midst of software switchovers, we are in life). I'm going to purchase a few necessities, pack a lunch/dinner/meal thingy, and get to Oak Brook by 5pm (at the latest). Stephanie's not scheduled to start talking until 7:30, but Borders is only setting out 100 chairs. Foolish muggles *shakes head*. When will they learn? And don't these people research anything about their speakers?

I'll report back tomorrow(-ish) with pictures from the Dada camera (hopefully it'll take a few decent shots, what with the event being indoors at night -- its favorite environment) and tales of my exploits. Ah yes, the exploits.


roggey said...

Enjoy seeing the Harlot - did you see her when she rolled through two years ago at the knitting shop? We were packed in tight there, but she was grand to see in person =)

OneScrappyChick said...

oh fun... and aren't I jealous of your plans for tonight!! Can't wait to read about it tommorow

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I know that song! Have you tried singing along yet?
{I refuse to mention the injustice of a world where a Harlot book tour does not include Hobart, Tas, Oz.}