Thursday, October 26, 2006

Getting in the "Spirit"


Our neighbors are having a Zombieween party this Saturday, and my plan is to go as a zombie prom queen, but I have yet to find (a) a tiara, (b) dead-looking flowers, and (c) a sash. Do prom queens get sashes? I was too busy dancing like a lunatic and/or making out with my boyfriend at my proms to notice.

Who's got sweet Halloween plans this weekend? (For the purposes of this question, "sweet" covers a lot, so spill it!)


Mindy said...

I don't think most Prom queens have sashes (at least non that I went to did).

My plans are somewhat boring. We have swim meets both days and trick or treating with my boys and the nephew and neice (3 under the age of 4, yikes!).

ActLikeOne said...

I will be acting in a Mystery Dinner Theatre in Rockford. So I guess that constitutes dressing up...

Lisa said...

We had our Halloween party last weekend, complete with fog machine, a grim reaper on the wall, and a Hell Bar. Yeah, it was awesome. There are fuzzy bits to the night (I blame the taste-testing of whatever people were mixing up), but it was awesome. Much music and bad horror films were enjoyed by all.

For Halloween, I think we'll be at a friend's helping with the trick-or-treaters...and eating the candy we hide from said trick-or-treaters. :-)