Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pow! Bif! Zowie!

I was just downloading new ringtones onto my phone, and I came across the theme song for the old Batman TV series and I wondered:

What does Adam West have on his cell phone? Because I really want it to be the Batman theme song. It would just complete the image I have of Adam West, which is based mostly on his character on "Family Guy" and, recently, his website. If anyone knows what Adam West has for his cell phone ringer, please tell me.

(And what do you have on your cell phone ring tone? I have "Float On" by Modest Mouse, and the Inspector Gadget theme -- the TV show, not the movie.)


Anne said...

I have Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy on mine. I agree that Adam West should have the Batman theme song. I loved that show! (All these years later, and I can still tell you that it was on at 5 p.m.)

Lisa said...

You know, for a techno geek, my phone is pretty...boring. It goes, "Ring!" *shrug* What can I say? I'd rather spend the money on a kicking video card for the 'puter.

Alison said...

On my last phone I had "Buddy Holly," by Weezer. Then when I got my current phone last year, I stuck with the stupid built-in rings. But I recently bought a ring tone by They Might be Giants, so now my phone literally goes "Ring! Ring!" with some awesome guitar accompaniament. Yeah!