Monday, August 07, 2006

Is "Monday Brain" a treatable condition?

Things I Would Rather Be Doing

  • napping
  • knitting something beautiful, and knitting it well
  • travelling the world
  • drinking an adult beverage on the side of a pool somewhere while wearing a big floppy hat
  • seeing my friends
  • seeing the sun
  • seeing any bit of the outdoors
  • running
  • swimming
  • drinking an adult beverage, location and manner of dress unimportant

Things I Would Rather Not Be Doing

  • wondering about the nature of the string that's coming out of the paper towel dispenser
  • sitting under flourescent lights
  • listening to other people's non-work-related phone conversations (for the seventh time today!!!)
  • feeling awkward family guilt
  • seeing a job done incompetently when I know I could do it better, and not being able to do that job because of charming petty power struggles
  • bumping my elbow on the stove every time I try to get into the tea/coffee cupboard at home
  • dealing with people who either give no damn at all, or give way too much damn
  • scratching weird bug bites of unknown provenance on my hands, feet, and lower legs

It's been a long day, and we all deserve a little Hawaiian love:

Courtesy of my friend Tony of The Navy, who was in Hawaii last year (last year?) for an extra eight days because he missed his submarine (honestly, it has an air of originality...). Apparently you and I paid for it, and I asked him to send me pictures of Hawaiian flowers to make it up to me. And he did. (Ladies, he's single at the moment!)


Sandi said...

Just curious if Monday Brain is contagious? What exactly was in the cosmos you fede to me last night? I hope no one calls here today cause I don't want to even hear my own voice. Loved the Thai Pavillion. Thank you to both you & your lovey dovey for sharing your home.

The Library-School-Sister said...

Yes, but how often is he in Illinois?

KathyMarie said...

Laura - about once a year. But if someone lives in Maryland or Virginia, likes sort-of-geeky boys who are devastatingly handsome, and doesn't mind lots of time alone, then that girl is golden.