Wednesday, July 12, 2006


My brain has gone numb these last few days. Consequently, posts are going to be in list form from now until August (most likely). This is a list of things that made me go "Hmmm." Like the song. Which I now have stuck in my head. Damn.

1. I am missing one 7" size 4 (US) pink aluminum dpn and a black satin corset. Both objects were placed in fairly secure locations, either in closets or in the knitting box; they weren't running about willy-nilly. Where the heck are they? Are they together? Is someone macgyvering some weird sexy knitting device?

2. My Beloved said to me tonight: "Speaking of wisdom, I was reading "Redbook" today..." Words that I never in life expected to hear from any man.

3. The thought that my wedding approaches on swift ninja feet is starting to really flip me out. It's in 10 days, and I keep saying things like "Oh, we'll take care of that the week before the wedding" and that's next week. Good lord.

4. I talked to (or rather emailed) my good friend in the Navy, who says that hailing a ship is a lot like trying to pick up someone in a bar. "What's your name? What's your sign? Where have you been? Where are you going? What kind of junk do you have in your trunk?" Despite these scintillating near-hook-ups, he's kind of bored. Sadly, The Navy won't let him come home for my wedding. Even if we ask nicely.

5. It may be a sign of my newfound maturity (let us all contemplate that statement with a collective "Ha!") that I have stopped biting my fingernails.

This shocks everyone I know, including myself. I've always been a nail biter, then a few weeks ago I just decided to have pretty nails for the wedding, and I stopped. Wow. Simple. Now the long nails get in the way of everything and I can't wait to chew off bits of my hands after the wedding.

6. Oddly, the thought of getting married is more serious and almost scary lately. Weird, because we've been together for 9 years and have lived together for one year. I don't know.

7. I have to figure out how to put on eyeshadow in the next 10 days. Does anyone have advice as to where to put the colors? I have this vague notion that the lighter shades should be right under your eyebrow, but that could be a whacked-out tip from an eight-year-old Seventeen magazine and I don't want to look crazy on my wedding day. Really, anyone with ideas?

The obligatory nature picture, which will distract you from the awful lack-of-content in today's post. I hope.


Yvonne said...

My usual MO for eyeshadow is to apply a light/neutral shade up by the eyebrow, a medium shade for the lid, and then a darker shade for the crease/outside corner. Follow up with dark brown eyeliner.

But I think it depends on the shape of your eyes and what kind of look you're going for. Natural? Smoky?

One thing you could try is to go to your nearest Sephora or other makeup haven and just ask them how to get the look you want. My makeup skill improved greatly after spending five minutes with a Sephora rep. My wallet also emptied considerably, but we'll ignore that part. ;)

Good luck, and happy wedding!

SheCrochets said...

On the eyeshadow front... before my wedding, I went to the Clinique counter in a department store, told them I needed some eyeshadow for my wedding and then specified ("I want neutral colors, I don't want to look like Barbie, etc."). The girl very nicely helped me pick some browns and creams (and here's the important part) put them on me. I memorized what she put where... and was golden on my wedding day! :-)

Good luck with everything!

Alison said...

I second the previous two comments on going to makeup person, be it Sephora or a counter at a department store. You definitely do not have to buy anything. I did it before the wedding I was in this spring because I'm not good with makeup and didn't want to look like a jerk at my friend's wedding. It was very helpful.

The Mary Kay-Selling Sister said...

Leave it to me.

jau said...

I third the idea. Even at my daughter's wedding, it was inconceivable that I would look all right for posterity (think of how long those photos are viewed) if I did it myself. You look more washed out than you can imagine unless you have it done. Besides, it's downright fun, believe it or not!

P.S. I lose things that make no sense, too. My digital camera card reader and my train sweater appear to have taken off together. Maybe they're with your needle and corset, having a wonderful time!

margaret said...

wow. i had no idea eyeshadow was so complicated. as i'm guessing there aren't any sephoras or cliniques in lake summerset or nearby, and if you want a cheaper option, i can bring my mom's little clinique makeup kit. it has neutral shades that have a little shimmer (not too much) and i used it for amy's wedding. i kind of know how to put it on, and if you trust me, i'd be happy to help you. or i bet the woman doing your hair might have some ideas too. or your marykay sister.

but also, just to counter the other comments, you don't have to wear much make-up at all if you don't want to. i think you can look at it one of two ways: either you can just do what's really comfortable for you OR you can pretend it's halloween and the whole spiel is like putting on a costume. that helps me not take it too serioussly. and if you're worried about looking washed out, just stand next to me and you'll like a blossoming rose compared to my pasty pasty self.

you will be radiant, regardless. i promise.

Lisa said...

The Mary Kay selling sister is to the rescue!

I rarely ever wear make-up, but years ago at a Mary Kay party thing they taught me this way to put on eyeshadow that's lovely. Go with the Mary Kay!

And, breathe, dear. Breathe.

By the way, your corset was probably stolen by house gremlins and sold on ebay. DPNs go for walkabouts. You'll probably find it under the coffee table in a few months.

She-ra said...

My o my doll! You are one of the most beautiful people in the world don't worry. I think natural is great but the lady at the lancome counter in elder beerman is fantastic.