Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This is How My Brain Works

Or doesn't, as the case may be.

Our supergoodfriends Mark and Amy got married this weekend; Nick was best man and I was a bridesmaid (this is the third time in my life I've been a bridesmaid... is it possible I shall never marry? The rate this planning is going I'm sure my mother thinks I won't) and we were busy busy people all weekend long. Some of us were busy getting our drink on and flashing our pretty blue underwear at all our friends. I won't say who, though.

So, you could read "busy" there as "hungover." Or, if you're my Mom, you could just read it as "busy" and completely ignore the underwear comment.

I learned some things this weekend, though, and now you can too:

1. My wedding day is the feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene, that nice woman who everyone thinks is a whore. Or the wife of Christ. Either way, think of the parties that woman has thrown.

2. My wedding day is also Pi Approximation Day (one of many). I'm more a word person than a numbers person, but Pi is just so cute and wiley and infinite.

3. Wedding shawls are impossible to make and why did I even start oh my god.

4. The Misfits' "Skulls" + a bottle of Wild Turkey + a wedding-type dance floor full of punk rock nerds = mayhem. But really sweet mayhem.

5. I cannot stop watching soccer/football/futbol videos on the internet. I love them so. I think I have a crush on soccer and am accomplishing nothing because I am entranced by Ronaldinho's magic skills. We don't have teevee (DeKalb doesn't get any broadcast channels and I refuse to purchase cable), so we do the Netflix thing and now internet videos which have pulled me in with their seductive awesomeness.

Hey, It's a Picture! And It's Made Me Forget That There's No Real Content in Today's Post! Sweet!

I went walking last Tuesday around 8am and damn if the light isn't just stunning at that hour. I took a bunch of pictures because I was surprised to find out that my town is occasionally pretty. I plan to use them to distract you from the lameness of my blog for the next LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS until my wedding.

Excuse me while I go freak out about something.


Anonymous said...

Mom will ignore the comments about how "Busy" you were this past weekend. Hang on ... the next few weekends will be more than busy - in the more traditional sense.

Love you - by the way, did you want me to do something with the chiffon?

Anna said...

FYI-You're paying for basic cable if you have comcast internet. It's their way of making you pay $10 more for them not being able to filter out the basic channels when they provide you with internet access. Damn them!

Yvonne said...

Gooo soccer! I love soccer!

Ronaldinho *is* amazing. But I think he looks kind of like Jar Jar Binks.