Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Damn, Blast, and Other Expletives As Well

The universe conspires against me.

I've been watching the Yarn Harlot's tour page, anxiously awaiting a date for her Chicago stop. There are a few awesome things happening this summer-- one of them is Stephanie's book tour (another being a little thing I like to call my wedding) and I really really want to see her again. However, the day she comes to Chicago (July 24th) is the very day I leave for my honeymoon, and no amount of wheedling, cajoling or promise of crazy hot sex will induce my husband-to-be (holy crap! I'm going to have a husband!) to drive anywhere that is not our honeymoon destination.

Not that I blame him. After all this insane planning of details and compromising of ideas and assumption of stress and guilt, we're going to be so very ready to leave Illinois.

I hope some of my friends go and have a yarntastic time for me, though.


SheCrochets said...

I shouldn't gloat... but the YH is going to be in Ann Arbor on 7/30! Hee hee hee! But... since you will be on your honeymoon in some really awesome place... I guess I can't gloat THAT much... :-)

Lisa said...

Yeah, I can see why even Stephanie, The Goddess of Knitting, can't derail the Honeymoon, but I'm sure he appreciates the offering of crazy, hot sex, though. :-)