Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursdays Are For Randomness

And this is not at all a cop-out from actual blog content. Nope.

Part 1 - Legends of Drunken Knitting
Sounds almost like it could be sort of a kung-fu movie, maybe. Right? C'mon! Okay fine. Anydamnhow, remember how I taught some friends to knit while we were drinking? (Of course you probably don't, so click the link) It turns out that C., the friend who isn't planning a wedding, picked up on the knitting and is a total convert! Weeha!

Look how happy she is!

A few weeks ago her husband came up to me and asked what I did to his wife (oddly, this is not the first time I've been asked this question--comes with the territory when you teach fiber arts over two years), because now she pays him no attention and just knits after work (she's a lawyer, so imagine the stress relief she must get). And C. only knows how to make the knit stitch--she hasn't learned the purl or the bindoff--but she's still really really excited about it. I love it! Hooray!

Part 2 - How I Force My Food to be Cheerful

Does anyone else do this? I have done this for as long as I've been making my own sandwiches. Always with the mustard smiley face. If I'm feeling snarky I drizzle ketchup on the same slice and make it look like the smiley face got beat up. I'm so weird.

Part 3 - So, This is a Knit Blog, Right?
Yes, and I'm going to bind off the first sleeve of Tempting today, and cast on for the second sleeve. I was going to do this all last night but then two things happened. First, I drank a beer (which led to a second beer); second, I realized that my handy ball of waste yarn (some old kitchen cotton in not-me colors which I use to hold some stitches instead of binding them all off) is probably at Borders where I left it a week and a half ago. Idiot! At least it was the 2$/ball cotton and not the 12$/ball merino. Shows I still have some sense.

Part 4 - Work just improved a lot
And by "improved" I mean "became much more lucrative." I was making complete crap wages, and so were many of my co-workers, and then the Board in their wisdom distributed raises o'er the land and behold! I will soon be not-as-poor and may be able to contribute to the wedding. Or do other grown-up things like pay every bill that comes in.

Part 5 - Oh, and speaking of the wedding
Nick and I have been trying to coerce our parents into giving us their guest lists for the past month, so we can get a count of how many invitations to order. We finally got everything in on Tuesday night and the guest list? It's got 325 people.

Three hundred twenty-five people.

I can't even understand what happened to my small, low-key wedding. It blew up. It just completely exploded and I have to go lie down now.

Part 6 - The Therapy

Ella (first two pictures) and Maisie (second two) live with our friends Ryan and Lindsay. They both love posing for the camera, and we had to capture them and take them home (at least digitally).

Okay, now I'm going to go lie down.


Anna said...

1.Ahh Beer.
2.I love to play with my food too. Last week I spelled out our names with pancake batter and also made Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.
3.Can't wait to see your sweater.
4.More money is very cool.
5.325! WTF!!
6.For therapy I would probably seek part 1.

SheCrochets said...

325!! GACK! That is one big wedding... just think of all the presents you'll get! (Gotta look at the bright side of 325 people...)

And hurray, you have brought over another person to the dark side! Teach her to purl and bind off so she'll be hooked for good. :-)

Alison said...

All I have to say is be sure to invite every single last one of the women on that list to your shower. Then register for everything you ever thought you might want for your home. My friend had a large shower recently (~60) and the gifts she got filled the back of her fiancee's pickup, which has a cap, and half of the back of the Escape I'd rented. There are ways to leverage the guest list for your own gain. ;)