Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is your definition of sane?

Overheard at Chez HookOn:

Nick (upon seeing me pull out a long-forgotten crochet afghan project): "You're crocheting!"
Me (delighting in his ability to observe the obvious): "Yes. Why are you all excited?"
Nick: "You haven't crocheted in a long time and I like it."
Me: "You like it when I crochet." (massive skepticism)
Nick: "Well, it's just that when you used to crochet you weren't all insane about yarn and stuff the way you are now, with the knitting."


Alison said...

Hahaha, that's awesome. At least he can tell the difference, though, that's huge!

Lisa said...

Ha! He might as well know the horrible truth! It doesn't matter if you crochet or knit! You will still be insane about the yarn! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

It's just worst now because you have two ways you can bend it to your will.

Little does he know of the power that has been unleashed! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Or something like that. :-)

Pica said...

Ha. That is funny that he associates knitting with yarn-obsession.

I have noticed that most crocheters I know aren't that knowledgable about yarns and don't get totally nuts about Debbie Bliss or Noro or crazy materials like bamboo or recycled silk.

There was a big brouhaha a few months ago on a crochet website (it shall remain nameless) about why crochet remains such a maligned craft. I suggested it was because a lot of crochet out there is made in mediocre materials and garish colors.
Bad. Idea. Pica.
I never thought I would get in a flamewar over yarn. Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed when every crocheter in America came out to defend their giant skein of Red Heart 100% acrylic.

Laura said...

I totally agree with Nick.

Anna said...

Let him continue to believe how not-obsessed you are about yarn because we all know the "real" you.

Lisa said...

I think the reason so many crocheters use poor yarn is that was what they were taught with. I think back in the day when crochet became very popular, it was when synthetic yarns were hitting the market. They were cheap and the funky colors that people were looking for. I was taught on that yarn by my grandmother and, though it might sound silly, really didn't know the real stuff existed. I was taught on it, and I could readily get it at a decent price. Well, recently, I discovered books and shops and things that told me that synthetics are not the only things out there. And, yes, once I got my hands on the real stuff, I am having a hell of a time using the large hoard of synthetics in my closet. I will eventually, because I don't like waste, but I can definitely tell that I don't like crocheting or knitting with them anymore. Yeah, real stuff is more expensive but, as a friend, says, "Life is too short for bad yarn." I still don't think all synthetics are evil, but, in truth, I think if more crocheters were given a chance to work with good yarn, they'd probably not want to use that icky acrylic stuff anymore, or at least not all the time. I know it changed me.

That's my unmitigated two cents.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Oh shit. Sorry guys for the multiple posts! The comments thingy kept asking me to retype the word verification. I guess it was just freaking out. Sorry KathyMarie!

abby said...

what he didn't realize is that your obsession was lurking there within you, embryonic-like, waiting for a chance to strike.

but points for him for knowing the difference. mine does too. smart boys rule.

Renee said...

That's hilarious. I hope you didn't tell him that as long as there is yarn - there's going to be 'insanity'.

Jackie said...

I swear those same words were spoken at Chez Crochet Buffet last night!

And, it's awesome that he knows the difference! ;-)