Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

This is My Dad and today is his birthday:

He doesn't always wear these clothes (he was raising funds for the hospital where he works as a Life Safety Officer and other titles as well).

My Dad is awesome.
He is a goofy, goofy man;
he taught me how to drive stick shift (complete with informative explanation of how the clutch works in the engine, or something), how to throw straight, and how to identify a false start in football;
he brought me flowers on Valentine's Day when I was in pre-school;
he is a wonderful actor in, and also a lighting designer at, a local community theater;
he sings! he dances!;
he tells wacky dumb jokes that have been in our family longer than the silver (and I laugh every time);
he watched all the basketball games, band concerts, track meets & football games (I was a drum major and directed the band at halftime) that he possibly could;
he even watched me play rugby a few times, even though he said it freaked him right out to see his daughter get hit.

My Dad is the best dad ever, and loves his daughters very muchly. And we love him T-H-I-S M-U-C-H!

Hooray for my Dad!

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Anna said...

Happy Bday Dad!