Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dinner will be late--I have to get gauge!

Official Knitting Olympics Post

Tomorrow is Opening Day of the Knitting Olympics. Ask me how my project preparation is going.

Gah! Don't ask!

I'm excited about starting, and I'm getting comfortable with all the necessary apparatus (apparatae? apparatuses?)

Don't ask me what I'm doing there. I have no idea. I just learned how to use the double-pointed needles like 10 minutes before I took that picture.

Oooh, look! A triangle! Just like in the books! I'm on my way to Olympic glory!

So that was, what, Tuesday? On Wednesday night I started knitting with the Intended Yarn on the smaller needles. I did this at the Library board meeting--they must have thought I was nuts ("Is she pulling another needle out of her bag?"). Oh well. I learned a lot and was able to shut up a bigot, so that's cool.

Love! Thy name is yarn!

Now I must run and start working the Intended Yarn on the appropriate-size needles, get gauge, measure my hat, and plot my plan of attack for the 2pm cast-on tomorrow. And make dinner. Acutally, I'm only making the side dish of dinner (vegan nachos to complement our burritos from El Burrito Loco). And I'm probably going to make Nick do that.

tsk... all these sacrifices I must make for my art.


Lisa said...

I wish you and everyone else lots of luck!

My suggestions for survival:

1) lots of wine
2) if that fails, lots of whine
3) chocolate
4) a caffeine I.V.
5) an agreement with significant other that, if you fall asleep on the project, to drag you to bed but to be sure to leave the project on the bedside table in case you wake up and notice you're not knitting.
6)a sign on the front door that reads: "Knitting in Progress. All Trespassers will be poked!"

Heather said...

Y'know, I've not even wound my skein into a ball yet. That's what I love about scarves...I don't have to give a rat's ass about gauge for this project. It's either big, or it's not. Who cares?

Bummer that we can't bring wine to the yarn store for the cast-on...

laura said...

Knitting with many needles is interesting. It's like watching a juggler add another, then another, ball/flaming torch to the items flying through the air.

Pica said...

The plural for apparatus is....apparatus!

Good for you for shutting up a bigot!

And I am always so fascinated to see knitters using multiple needles--looks like you're shaking hands with a porcupine.